Tuesday, March 16, 2021

"Hassan Hyet Should Resign To Give Way For A More Viable And Formidable Opposition'' - Dogara Caesar

Following the recent comments made by the Kaduna state PDP Chairman, Chief Hassan Felix Hyet while interviewed by Elanza news in Kaduna with regards to his party in total control of Southern Kaduna, different views and opinions have been going round with regards to his position.

In the words of Hyet, " Senator Danjuma Laah’s winning is not because he is Danjuma, his victory is because it is PDP and it is Southern Kaduna and therefore people should get that." 

This is Mr. Chairman alluding that anybody can win an election in Southern Kaduna only if it's under the platform of the PDP.

Mwalimu, who later identified himself as Dogara Caesar reacting to this claim via OperaApp, said "lt is true that PDP is in control of the region, but that's before the 2019 elections. It is laughable for PDP to claim control of southern Kaduna on merely rhetoric and history. That's clearly an old wife's tale.

Dogara went further to say that, "The PDP is struggling to adapt to the role of opposition in Kaduna state and the worrying issues bedeviling the party as we speak cannot be overstated. Also, the idea that the present administration is bringing to southern Kaduna cannot be over staged either. Indeed, while opposition is busy fighting and throwing stones amongst themselves, the ruling APC in Kaduna is busy recruiting and luring able youths with prospects to their side, and as we speak, thousands have joined and thousands more are on the way."

"I'm not here to mix things up or to speak fiction. I don't know the issues at the upper echelon of the southern Kaduna politicking. What I'm sure of is that it is not politically wise to undermine an opponent by holding on to history. With capacity and fairness lacking under the reign of the present State Working Committee in Kaduna state PDP, Hyet should resign to give way for a more viable and formidable opposition," Dogara added.

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