Wednesday, March 31, 2021

El-Rufai Receives Briefs On Zangon Kataf, Assures Agwatyap Of Support

Governor Nasir El-Rufai has reaffirmed the firm support of  Kaduna State Government  for the ongoing community-level peace processes in Zangon-Kataf and Jema’a local government areas.
The governor who made this known when he hosted the Agwatyap, His Highness Dominic Gambo Yahaya, encouraged traditional rulers and community leaders involved in promoting peace,  not to be discouraged by the disruptions of  those who prefer the perpetuation of conflicts.
A statement issued by Special Adviser on Media and Communication, Mr Muyiwa Adekeye on Wednesday, said that Governor El-Rufai gave the encouragement  while hosting the Agwatyap,  who was in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House to brief him on the recent challenges  confronting the peace process in Zangon-Kataf.
At the meeting which was attended by Samuel Aruwan, the Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, the Agwatyap disclosed that leaders across the communities in the area are working together to stop the renewed instances of violent attacks on some villages,’’ Adekeye said.According to the Agwatyap, he and members of his traditional council are working to clarify and resolve the circumstances of the disappearance of three community leaders.
The statement recalled that Ardo Pate Usman Kurmi (Wakilin Fulani Atyap), Ardo Muhammadu Anchau and Yakubu Muhammadu have been missing since joining a team of community leaders to resolve a dispute involving a farmer whose crops were destroyed by cattle.
The governor  commended the Agwatyap ‘’for his courage in the push for peace across the communities in his chiefdom and assured him that the state government and the security agencies will continue to support the quest for peace and security,’’ he added.
The Special Adviser said that the governor expressed dismay ‘’ by the resurgence of attacks that have resulted in the loss of lives and property, but told  the Agwatyap that troops of Operation Safe Haven and other security agencies are working to contain the recent upsurge. ‘’
El Rufai appealed to community leaders to remain steadfast in maintaining the constituency for peace and expose those who prefer the continuation of the tragic cycle of attacks and reprisals.
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OPINION: Kabilu Verses Gbagy; The Unfortunate Politics Of Chikun Local Government, By Yahaya Emmanuel

Due to the Cosmopolitan Nature of Chikun Local Government Area, its politics has been heated in recent times. 
There is a Political battle which has turned the politics in Chikun Local Government to a full time ethnic battle. 

As it is, the people of Chikun Local Government no longer care about competence, they no longer care about track records, all they want is for their tribal person to be at the helm of Affairs, whether the person deserves it or not, whether the person has worked in the past or not, which is quite unfortunate. 

The Gbagyis, who claims ownership of the land sees whoever doesn't share thesame ethnicity with them as a threat, the moment the person indicates interest to contest for a political position under Chikun local Government. They treat such person with disdain and accuse the person of trying to take over their land. 

Other Nigerians who are not Gbagyi who resides in Chikun Local Government have tried their best to initiate a political pally with the Gbagyis, to no avail. The Gbagyis have made it clear that politics to them is nothing but a game of ethnicity. 

In order for other tribes who resides in Chikun Local Government, who are also tax payers, who have contributed immensely to the growth of the local Government to Contest an election and win, they formed a group called Kabilu Forum, which consists of other tribes that are non Gbagyis (I write to be corrected). Though it's unfortunate that it had to happen this way, the Gbagyis are to be blamed for being too tribalistic. Both the Gbagyis and other tribes that called themselves Kabilu are all Kabilus, but in order to differentiate between the Gbagyis who brags of being the land owners, other tribes had to form an association in order to strike out the difference. 

These people attends the same worship centers. They don't sit in different segments when they meet in their various churches and other worship centers. They sit together, serve the same God. But immediately they step out, they remember their ethnic differences. Where is the love? Where is the unity? Can we record progress if we continue to elect and reelect failed leaders on the basis of religion and ethnicity? I leave these questions for you to answer.  

Finally, let me categorically state to the Gbagyis that no one is trying to steal their lands.  Let me seize this opportunity to also thank them for selling some of their lands to us, if they had not done so we wouldn't have had a place to stay. But i want them to understand that Chikun is a mini Kaduna State. You can't expect a cosmopolitan local Government like Chikun to exist with only one tribe being at the helm of Affairs. It's impossible. It is only natural for other tribes to indicate interest. 

The Local Government Elections and other elections are on the way, we are waiting to see if it'll be the usual politics of ethnicity and religion or you'll begin to take a better shift. I come in peace.
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Kaduna Political Awards

Dear KPA Readers, in order to carry you along in the forthcoming Kaduna Political Awards, we intend to Nominate 10 of our followers, who constantly like, share and comment on our posts, under the "Reader Of The Year Category."

Other Top KPA Fans whose names won't make it to the top ten list would be given free tickets to the event. 

We'll contact you in due time. 

Kaduna Political Affairs
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El-Rufai’s Wife Visits Her Farm, Says Husband Won’t Pay Ransom If She Is Kidnapped

Hadiza El-Rufai, wife of Governor Nasir El-Rufai, says her husband has told her that no ransom will be paid if she gets kidnapped.

Hadiza took to her Twitter page to share photos from her visit to her farm.

Although the Kaduna first lady did not use the words ‘kidnapping’ and ‘ransom’’ users can easily understand the context of her post.
She wrote: “At my farm today. Anyone thinking of * me should not bother. The man has already warned me that he will not pay any **”

Kaduna is among states that have come under attacks from bandits who sack villages and kidnap residents in exchange for ransom.
It was reported how about 39 students were abducted at the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation, Afaka, Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State in early March and have remained in captivity since then as the government has vowed not to negotiate with the kidnappers who have demanded a N500 million ransom.

Eight members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) were abducted in Kaduna over the weekend.
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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Local Government Elections: Kaduna PDP Commences Sales Of Nomination Forms

The People's Democratic  Party, PDP, Kaduna State Chapter, in a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Alberah Catoh, stated that it held an Extra Ordinary State Executive Committee(SEC) meeting, and arrived at the following Resolutions:

1. That sales of Nomination Forms for the Local Government Council Chairmanship and Councillorship elections commences today,29th March,2021.

2. That the Nomination Form for Chairmanship position is #150,000 and #42,000 for administrative charges.

3. That the Nomination Form for Councillorship is #40,000 and #12,000 is for administrative charges.

4. That the sales of the Nomination Forms will close within 3 weeks(23/3/2021) from today.

5. That Guidelines for the conduct of Primaries will be released to Aspirants and Local Government Party Chairmen from today.

Other details will be announced soon, the statement added.
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Shehu Sani visits Gumi, urges cleric to help free kidnapped students

A former senator, Shehu Sani, has urged popular Islamic cleric, Ahmed Gumi, to intervene in securing the release of the 39 students of Federal Forestry College and members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) held by kidnappers in Kaduna State.
The former lawmaker made the appeal when he visited the cleric in his residence in Kaduna, Monday afternoon.
Mr Gumi has been in the news in recent times after following an appeal he made to the government to grant amnesty to bandits.
The cleric has also met bandits in Kaduna, Katsina, Niger and Zamfara to negotiate their peaceful surrender after years of killing hundreds and displacing many from numerous communities.
He also reportedly met the bandits responsible for the abduction of 27 students and 15 others from the Government Science College, Kagara in Niger State to negotiate the release of the hostages. He has been criticised for his efforts by some Nigerians.
But he had argued that the easiest way to end the menace is to negotiate with the killers.

Speaking during the visit, Mr Sani expressed his desire to see the end of banditry in the country.
He urged the cleric not to relent on his efforts “as many people were proud of what he was doing”.

“I’m one of the Nigerians passionate about bringing an end to insecurity in the country and I will not relent. I beg you not to retreat from whatever effort you are putting in place,” the former lawmaker said.
“We cannot also defeat people until we understand them and win some of them over. So do not be discouraged by words and lack of recognition.

“A mother whose child is in the hand of kidnappers will simply want their release at all cost. I call on you to use the privilege, the opportunity and the power which God has personally endowed you with to help free the 39 Afaka forestry college students and the RCCG members in captivity.”

Responding, Mr Gumi appreciated Mr Sani’s efforts towards restoring peace in the country.
He said he had met the parents of the abducted students prior to their meeting with the Kaduna State Government.
“As for the college students, we have done all we can do. In fact, I had a meeting with parents of the kidnapped students, sequel to their meeting with the government. I show them what the problem is and they went to visit the government and returned,” Mr Gumi said.
He said he was not a negotiator for bandits, as he always ensured that government officials were present in his discussions with bandits in the forests, before the federal government’s shoot at sight order on armed bandits.

“As for the college students, we are making arrangements for them through a contact to see how these problems can be solved.
“The case has been referred to ‘someone’ and he is doing his best,” the cleric said.
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Only Cows Are Enjoying In This Country - Nigerians Reacts As Lion In Kaduna Park Dies Of Hunger

Nigerians have blamed the poor leadership of the country which manifested again in the poor management of the Kaduna State Park where a lion reportedly died of health complications stemming from hunger.

Some Nigerians on social media lamented that the same scourge of hunger deals with millions of Nigerians daily, let alone animals.

According to Metropolexpress in a tweet on Thursday, the lion, which seemed to be one of the few surviving wild animals in the Kaduna park, died from health complications.

A staff (member) of the park confirmed that the lion seen in viral video has passed on. According to the source, the lion died as a result of health complications,” 

Replying, Nigerians lambasted the government, saying if they could not take care of the animals, they should return the animals to the wild.

For instance, @iam_smithsalii tweeted, “Hunger that has been killing Nigerians on a daily basis, how much more of a lion?”

Ayòmídé Atáyéro (@AtayeroAyomide) said, “Shey a nbo Nigeria ni (Are we worshipping Nigeria)? The country is responsible for the well-being of the animals in the zoo. They can’t take care of it, then they should return them back to wildlife.”

@paaygyn wrote, “RIP Lion, you fought a good fight. In your next life, please don’t choose to come during (Muhammadu) Buhari era, nah so so hunger go dey wire you (In another life, don’t come during Buhari’s administration; hunger will deal with you).”

Seun Nuės (@daemperor007) wrote, “There has to be a separate hell for corrupt Nigerian government workers and politicians where they can meet and have their reunion.”

InstaDad (@JohnsonAbbaly) tweeted, “If this animal were left alone in the wild, it would have fended for itself. Zoos are not natural habitats and they deny the animals access to a robust ecosystem provided by nature. At least feed it or release it to the savannahs.”
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Sunday, March 28, 2021

OPINION: El-rufai’s philosophy of competence and hard work, By Sunday Onyemaechi Eze

The governor of Kaduna state Mallam Nasir el-Rufai is an enigma of some sort. So are most successful leaders. He is one man clearly misunderstood by many Nigerians. 

Considered as a constantly weeping child; whether he weeps or not people always believe he does. It is not out of place to affirm that he means different things to different people. To his immediate family, he is a caring, kind and loving father. To his close aides, he is a no nonsense boss who has zero tolerance for laziness, dearth of ideas and compound ineptitude. 

To some he is simply the bulldozer pulling down structures and inflicting unjust pain on the ordinary people. Many see him as Rehoboam who promised to scourge the Israelites with scorpions.

However, in the middle of all these conjectures lies a man with a heart of gold. He is a compassionate fellow whose preoccupation is to better the lives of the people of his state, Nigeria and humanity in general. He understands that there is no gain devoid of pain. He is a good shepherd who stands in front and confronts the wolf in the interest of his sheep. His undoing is his boldness and fearlessness to tread where even the angels dread. His knack for perfection is second to none.  

Mallam calls a spade a spade not a working implement. He makes his positions clearly known and speaks the truth no matter how bitter it is.

His frontal approach to state and national issues is also one of his undoings. His audacity to vie off and challenge the status quo in infested murky waters of Nigerian politics pitches him against some interests. His novel approach to state craft gives his traducers sleepless nights. 

He makes tough policy decisions in line with the thought of his administration no matter whose ox is gored. Upon his conviction as a leader, all decisions taken are in the interest of the state and he owes no man any apology. His position on moving the nation forward especially in terms of banditry, kidnapping and restructuring is different from the views of his kiths and kins in the north. El-rufai cuts out as a realist. 

In dealing with governance and societal issues, unpopular and tough decisions are taken in a short term for the good of all in the long run. One of his philosophies is that; it is better to stand alone and do the right than being in and with the band wagon pandering with wrong doings. The governor dreads failure and does everything within his reach not to associate with it. 

You have the ears of Mallam when brilliant ideas are the pokers on the table. In a typical dangerous Nigerian politics, critical and even unfounded narratives are more often than not cooked up against people, which do not actually reflect the personality of the vilified. A book is not judged by its cover. Therefore, it is difficult to clearly understand a man by judging him from afar.

However, what most pessimists cannot take away from him is his philosophy of competence and hard work in his administration and recruitment processes. These and many more are the forces driving his government in Kaduna State. The idea of raising the bar of competence and hard work is one missing link in the public and private sectors in Nigeria. The governor is already addressing them in Kaduna.  It was not an accidental approach to governance as it was also the hallmark of his administration as minister of the Federal Capital Territory.

Mallam is fondly remembered for restoring the Abuja master plan and returning sanity in the ways businesses were done in the ministry of FCT. After the usual vilification, he was at the end celebrated by many to have left a mark in the sand of time. It may be painful but joy comes at dawn. He has shown in words and deeds that competence and hardwork forms the fulcrum of his administration. Opportunities are regularly given to men and women with big responsibilities assigned to them not because of the complementary cards they presented but for what they can offer. 

The Deputy Governor of Kaduna State, Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe, M.D, the only female Deputy Governor in the entire northern Nigeria was a product of competence. So also are other appointees of the governor serving in various capacities. 

The Deputy Governor was not only a Senior Registrar at the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) Shika, and Director Public Health, Federal Capital Territory Administration Abuja but has excelled in state responsibilities and in major international assignments. Sir Kashim Ibrahim Fellowship was not only meant for Kaduna people alone but for everyone in Kaduna who has what it takes to be admitted into the fellowship. The youth in the state are given the opportunity to serve and learn the rope of governance. It is a mentorship platform for good governance, stewardship and governance related issues.

The one-year programme aims to create a network of highly potential young Nigerians who are expected to rise to top leadership positions in the public sector and other spheres of activity over the next decade. According to Tolu Adetunji, a Kashim Ibrahim Fellow, “it is a platform for Nigerians aged between 25 – 35 to get a one year exposé into public service. It provides a framework for effective leadership and governance, equipping Fellows with the skill set and experience to actively contribute towards a better Nigeria.” The aim is “to raise the next generation of leaders who will most likely be absorbed into the public sector having had a first hand experience of its workings and challenges.” The high premium Mallam puts on competence is reflected in the quality of governance and the outputs of Kaduna state civil service. Another is the number of non-indigenes of Kaduna serving in various capacities in the state civil service.

He is one governor in Nigeria who does not care where you come from before he offers you a job especially when it is obvious that you have the midas touch. El-rufai who was known as giant in his days at Barewa College Zaria was not so much attributed for his physique but for his intellect and smartness. It is a welcome development that he is bringing this and his wealth of experience to bear in the administration of Kaduna state.  You could possibly call him whatever name but evidences of good governance dots the nooks and crannies of the state. 

To him, governance of Kaduna is likened to the Biblical plow; he never looks back when he places his hands to it. Governor El-rufai’s Philosophy of competence and hard work is exactly what the nation deserves at this time in our history. Many have alleged arrogance and high handedness on the part of the governor. God is the only infallible. So, like all mortals, Mallam is human and must have erred one way or the other in the course of discharging his duties. Therefore, as mortals who are also fallible, we should bear in mind that to err is human but to forgive is divine.
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Kaduna Political Awards

After creating Kaduna Political Affairs, a neutral platform that carries the happenings withing Kaduna State, we decided to take a step further by hosting an event annually, tagged; Kaduna Political Awards, in order to Encourage and Promote Good Governance, at the same time setting a healthy competition in Kaduna State's Polity. The maiden edition of Kaduna Political Awards is in the works, as distribution of Nomination Certificates is ongoing. 

Kaduna Political Awards would feature Personalities across the state, who will be Nominated in various categories. Nomination Certificates would be distributed to every Nominee, while voting would take place online by Kaduna State Residents and the winners would be announced on the day of the event. 

The date of the event is yet to be fixed as we are currently distributing nomination certificates. We'll communicate the date of the event to you in due time. 

Thank you
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Bandits Demand N50million Ransom For Kidnapped RCCG Members

Bandits who abducted members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Kaduna State, on their way to Kafanchan from Kaduna have reportedly placed N50million ransom on them.
A senior pastor of the church, who confirmed the story and the amount, explained that the eight members were kidnapped from the church bus at about 6:00 p.m while on their way for a church assignment.
The RCCG cleric, who is a Special Assistant to the General Overseer said, “It’s true. It happened around 6pm. They are asking for a N50million.”
He said that the abducted persons were adult missionaries, male and female, from Kaduna Province 1 going to Kafanchan for prayer work.
Recall that an engineer, Eje Kenny Faraday, said “he narrowly escaped being a victim."
He had broken the news on his Facebook wall with the photograph of the empty bus around 7.00 p.m. on Friday.
He posted on his Facebook wall, “All passengers in the bus were kidnapped along Kachia Road, Kilometre 63 from Kaduna.”
The inscription on the side of the bus reads, “The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Region 30, Trinity Sanctuary, Kaduna.”
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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Kano govt officials in Kaduna to understudy El-Rufai’s model of revenue generation

The Kano State Internal Revenue Service is set to understudy the innovations and operation models of the Kaduna State revenue service to boost its Internally Generated Revenue, IGR.
The Chairman, Kano State Internal Revenue Service, Abdulrazak Salihi, who heads the team, told newsmen in Kaduna on Friday, that the move was to boost IGR in Kano State.
He said that the team, including members of the Finance and Chieftaincy Affairs Committees, Kano State House of Assembly, was at the Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service, KADIRS, to study and share experiences.
According to him, the goal is to learn innovative ways to improve revenue collection in Ministries, Departments and Agencies, MDAs, and local government areas of the state.
“We are all aware that oil revenue is no longer sustainable in financing development projects and state governments across the country are developing innovative ways to boost IGR.
“But sadly, we realised that the revenue collection particularly in our local government areas was grossly inefficient and far below the IGR potential and decided to do something about it.
“Kaduna State is already successful in this area, so we decided to come to KADIRS to learn how we can enhance revenue collection in Kano state,” he said.
According to him, Kano is a commercial state with huge informal businesses that must be brought into the taxpayers’ net and develop strategies to efficiently collect all revenues due to the state government.
The executive chairman said that so far, the team had learnt a lot, particularly how to exploit the untapped revenues in the LGAs and boost revenue collection by MDAs.
“One major takeaway is the need to review our tax laws and we have interacted with members of the Kaduna State House of Assembly on how to go about it,” Salihu said.
Similarly, Magaji Zarewa, Chairman House Committee on Finance, Kano State House of Assembly, told NAN that KADIRS had demonstrated an exemplary skill in revenue collection.
“We are here to see what the agency is doing and the magic behind its successes. “We will go back and look at all our tax laws and make amendments where necessary and harmonise them to ensure efficient revenue collection in the state,” Mr Zarewa said.
The Executive Chairman, KADIRS, Dr Zaid Abubakar said that both Kaduna and Kano states do not collect up to 60 per cent of its potential IGR.
Mr Abubakar told NAN that experience and information sharing between the two states was key to creating new ideas that would significantly boost IGR of the states.
He said that the agency had set a target of N100 billion IGR by 2023 and N200 billion by 2030, based on its Medium and Long-Term Revenue Collection Plan.
“We have looked at what areas we can improve to enhance revenue collection, and looking at all the available revenue sources, we are confident that we will achieve that target.
“In fact, we have the capacity to go beyond the target, provided all the necessary machineries are put in place.
“Considering the support we are getting from Governor Nasir El-Rufai, and all things being equal, we should be able to collect N200 billion or more by 2030,” he said.
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Father Who Fell Ill After Daughter’s Abduction In Kaduna Is Dead

The father of one of the 39 abducted students of Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, Kaduna, has died.
The deceased, identified as Ibrahim Shamaki, died after a brief illness on Friday evening.
It was gathered that late Ibrahim fell ill after he received the news of his daughter’s abduction.
One of his sons, Law Abdullahi Usman, who confirmed the incident, said he will be buried on Saturday.
“Yes he died at Maradi, Niger Republic, and his body will be returned to Nigeria tomorrow, God willing. He was rushed to the hospital a week ago after his health worsened due to the abduction of his daughter,” he said.
It was gathered that the daughter Fatima Ibrahim was identified in the video clip released by their abductors.
KPA  reported how the 39 students of the college were abducted by bandits two weeks ago.
The bandits have demanded a 500 million naira ransom but the state government refused to pay, vowing not to negotiate with the abductors.
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Friday, March 26, 2021

"The shoot-on-sight order given by President Muhammdu Buhari is hindering the efforts to negotiate the release of the kidnapped Kaduna students" —Sheikh Gumi

An Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has said the shoot-on-sight order given by President Muhammdu Buhari is hindering the efforts to negotiate the release of the kidnapped students of the Federal College of Forestry Mechaniszation, Afaka in Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna state.
The students were abducted on March 11, 2021, exactly two weeks ago. 
A day after the abduction, a video surfaced online, where the students were seen sitting on the ground in an unknown location and guarded by armed men whose identities were concealed.
The victims, who were seen being tortured by the armed men, appealed to the government to rescue them.
President Buhari had earlier in the month asked security operatives to gun down those carrying arms illegally in the forests.
Speaking on Thursday, the cleric said some of the bandits he met in the forest during his peace meetings have assisted in identifying the leader of the gang responsible for the abduction of the students.
According to Daily Trust, Gumi said despite identifying the leader of the gang, he has been unable to reach out to him because of the shoot-on-sight order of the president.
The cleric added that during his previous tours to the bandits’ dens, he met with more than 80 percent of their leaders, saying if not for lack of encouragement from some government officials, he would have met all the leaders to persuade them to lay their arms for peace to reign.
He said, “If we had encouragement, we would have met all the leaders. All those we met usually offered to support us to negotiate on our behalf, just like what happened in Niger State.
“Presently, our ability has reached the extent that we can identify who is involved in any criminal act. We have identified the leader of those who took the students but he has never attended any peace meeting with us.
“Those groups we met identified him but we could not reach out to him because of the security implication since the government gave shoot-on-sight order and then the government said no negotiation. So, I don’t want us to go into the bush and the government will think we are encouraging them.”
Asked what needs to be done to get the victims released, Gumi said, “What I think is for the government to just relax and allow us to follow these people to teach them how to behave, admonish them and then negotiate so that they stop this thing. We are doing this for ourselves not for the government or any political party.
“We don’t want politicians to mess up our land because they will come and go while we remain here, God willing. So we are not doing it for political reasons, we are doing it for ourselves so that we stop killing each other.”
On the stand of Governor Nasir El-Rufai against negotiating with bandits, Gumi said, “I cannot change the state government's stand on negotiation and ransom payment. All I want from them is to allow us to continue discussion with the bandits.”
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Shehu Sani, Samson Monday Dikko, Others Set To Receive Global Impacts Awards

The world has continued to celebrate Senator Shehu Sani, former Lawmaker Representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District, despite not being in office. 
Shehu Sani, alongside Honourable Monday Dikko, the member representing Jaba Local Government in the Kaduna State House of assembly, are set to be honoured at the forthcoming Global Impacts Awards.
The event scheduled to be held in Abuja, seeks to reward the positive contributions of brands and individuals to the onward progress of their societies. 
Other Kaduna personalities set to be honoured includes, AIG Ahmed Iliyasu, Dr. Chetachi Ecton, Yosi Ango, Zeena S. Bako, Amb. Rachael Bakam, Dangana Haruna Ibrahim, comrade John Isaac and a host of others.
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"We Are Working With Security Agencies To Regain The Freedom Of Abducted Student" - KASU

The Management of Kaduna State University in a statement Signed by its registrar, Samuel S. Manshop, wishes to notify the general public that it is collaborating with Security Agencies to regain the freedom of the student, Mac-Phil Kyom, Department of Geography who was  abducted on Wednesday, 17th March, 2021 at his off-campus residence at Karji. Management will inform the public on new developments, the statement added. 

Recall that Gunmen had on Wednesday, 17th March, 2021 invaded Karji Community, abducted a student of Kaduna state University while killing a security personnel.
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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Kaduna Political Awards; Coming Soon

Kaduna Political Affairs


Kaduna Political Awards




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How El-Rufai Is Plotting To Forcefully Take Over Southern Kaduna Lands Over Nickel Discovery - Report

An investigation by Wardesk News Reporters has revealed alleged attempts by the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, to forcefully take over a large expanse of Southern Kaduna Land using the instrument of the state.
In a report made available to Kaduna Political Affairs on Wednesday, the investigators, Steven Kefas and George Makeri, said they began an enquiry into the issue after spotting a letter purportedly from the Kaduna Geographic Information Service (KADGIS), demanding that Comet Minerals and all other present occupants of the area should vacate the land.
The investigators said the letter claimed that the governor's acquisition of the land was for the "Overriding Public Interest for mining purposes in Jema'a Local government Area of Kaduna state in favour of the state."
Citing their findings and the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act 2007, they said the government of Kaduna State has no business evicting persons from a mining site – especially not someone with a valid mining lease after following the due process of obtaining an exploration license following the necessary preconditions stipulated in the Act.
According to Kefas and Makeri, their findings showed the governor's move followed increased attention given to nickel by the United States.
The report read: "To understand why the Government of Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is interested in this piece of land, we have to travel back a bit. According to Market Watch, between December 2013 and May 2014, nickel price went from $14,000 to $21,000 per metric ton. This is about a 50% increase within the space of three months. Before this dramatic price increase, nickel was not on the radar of US investors.
"After this increase, however, investors' attention has been shifting to nickel. Nickel is the main material for the production of batteries in electric cars and energy storage from solar and wind power generation. With the drive by the world governments towards a pollution-free future, nickel appears to be that future.
"Companies like Comet Minerals took the challenge earlier in 2015 and by 2016, massive deposits of nickel were discovered in the embattled Southern Kaduna region within Jama'a Local Government Area. The deposits are very high grade and closer to the surface; Comet Minerals dubbed it 'The Titan Nickel Project'. The nickel deposits spanning 20 km of the Comet Lease are over 90% pure and so close to the surface.
"This means comparatively low-cost mining for a surface operation. The Chairman of Comet Minerals, a former Western Mining Corporation CEO and Australian businessman, Hugh Morgan, was convinced the Titan project is a potentially world-class, game-changing nickel deposits believed to be the first of its kind in the world.
"This nickel discovery was made near three southern Kaduna communities of Bakin Kogi, Nindem and Dangoma. Governor El-Rufai was informed about the discovery and given the honour to break the news. The discovery was first made in Dangoma, the other two communities came later.
"When we got to the affected communities on the 24th of February 2021, we conducted some interviews - and from these interviews, we discovered that the move to acquire land under the auspices of KADGIS is very unpopular with the indigenous people.  
"From the foregoing, we are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Governor El-Rufai is trying to acquire the land in a bid to chase out Comet Minerals for the sole purpose of taking over the mining opportunities. And this takeover is not to benefit the host communities or the people of Kaduna State as a whole.
"We have reason to believe the above given that N1 billion was earmarked for the development of mining communities in the 2017 Kaduna state budget, yet nothing was done for the mining communities. This means the funds were either looted or misappropriated."
The investigators alleged that to achieve his purpose, El-Rufai has continued to cook up lies to belittle the credibility of Comet Minerals.
The report added: "Our findings revealed that Comet Minerals alone has developed the technology for this kind of mining and the patent for such technology is still in force. How does El-Rufai intend to secure the technology from Comet Minerals?
"We can now safely conclude that the acquisition attempted by the Kaduna State Government is not done with the interest of the people at heart as the host communities, wherever we went, expressed shock and surprise to a move they may have perceived as erratic and irrational. It is expected of any government that it will make decisions with the interest of its people at heart. From what we have gathered, the Kaduna State Government under Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is bent on a collision path with the people.
"We believe that the Government of Mallam Nasir El-Rufai may resort to blatant abuse of power and shedding of more blood of the Southern Kaduna indigenous communities to forcefully acquire the lands of these indigenous people. This is because, from what we have gathered, there is no lawful means by which the lands could be acquired.
"If the government of Nasir El-Rufai is acting in the interest of the host communities and Kaduna State as a whole, they will not be on this collision path. Meanwhile, Wardesk News will continue to follow these issues closely and critically, until we get to the bottom of the matter."
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PHOTONEWS: Jubilation, As Rahab Christopher, Councilor Yelwa Ward, Decamped from PDP to APC

Jubilation, As Rahab Christopher, Councilor Yelwa Ward, Decamped from PDP to APC
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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Follow your dreams, support one another – Asia El-rufai urges women

Wife of Governor of Kaduna State Asia Ahmed El-rufai has urged Nigerian women to follow their dreams and support one another to be successful in life.
The governor’s wife said this at an empowerment and mentorship event on Saturday in Abuja.
She said that women should recognise and use their awesome and God-given power to raise up children that would move the society forward.
“I am able to stand today and achieve all that I have achieved because women supported me, so, we should support each other.
“Some of us are meant to be governors, president and all that, some are also meant to be chief executive officers but that does not mean that we cannot be friends because you have a higher position,” she said.
Speaking, Mrs Munira Suleiman, Convener, the Glam Empowerment and Mentorship Programme, said that the event would create an avenue for women of diverse social, religious and cultural backgrounds to come together to discuss issues affecting their growth in society.
Suleiman said that this month’s edition of the event was organised to commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day.
She urged single ladies to take their time, think and pray about it before going into marriage.
“A lot of people get married today due to different reasons and the social media have taken over the realities of life, that is why we see some people getting married for flimsy and different excuses.
“I would say to the younger ones that you need to know what you want and what you are getting yourself into.
“You need somebody who knows who you are, what you are and what you intend to be in the future,” she said.
Mrs Stella Okotete, National Women Leader, Caretaker Committee of the All Progressive Congress (APC),, noted that the party was working on empowering women to occupy political positions in the country.
“We have a lobby group for the women and so, we hope that by the grace of God, in 2023, we would have nothing less than 108 women, representing Nigerian women in the National Assembly.
“We would also have good number of women in the Federal Executive Council and also heading government parastatals agencies.
“You know when you give a woman a job, she delivers on it and the nation would move forward,” she said.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the event also featured two sessions of panelists who discussed on the topic “Family Life and Career”.
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Kaduna Groom Explains Why He Married Fiancée Of His Late Brother Who Was Air Force Officer

A groom in Kaduna State, Sulaiman Muhammad, has explained why he married the fiancée of his elder brother Abubakar, an air force officer who died two weeks to his wedding.
Sulaiman who got married to Hajara Ahmad on Saturday told BBC pidgin that the family of the bride had sent a message to his family informing them of the bride's interest in him.
He said this made the families to continue with the wedding plans which had almost been called off due to the unfortunate incident.
Since the wedding, the story has gained traction on social media as some people were bewildered by such arrangements. Some have condemned the man for marrying his brother's fiancée just over a month after his (brother's) death.
But Sulaiman, a Kaduna-based interior designer, said he was not bothered by discussions on social media. According to him, as long as both families have endorsed the union, there is no problem. 
For him, that is the most important thing.
He said he was very certain that God blessed the union.
When asked if he had a girlfriend before the arrangement to marry his late brother's fiancee, Sulaiman answered in the affirmative, stating that his marriage was simply destined to happen.

He said, "Abubakar was my immediate elder brother and I loved him very much. His death still hurts me so much. What happened was that, after his death, the fiancée's family sent a message to my family.
"And the message is that the lady said she likes me and instead of calling off the wedding that was just three weeks away, it would be better I replace my brother, and today we are husband and wife.
"I had a girlfriend but this thing that happened is destiny and I am glad that my ex-girlfriend accepted it the way it is. Both families are in support of what we did and that is the most important thing.
"My friend showed me some of the comments on social media but I'm not moved at all because God has already blessed our wedding. It rained on our wedding day to show God's blessings."

The late Abubakar was one of the NAF officials killed during a gun duel with armed bandits at Ungwan Laya near Birnin Gwari on Saturday, February 13.
He was about to get married and had shared his pre-wedding photos before his tragic end.
Abubakar was buried in his hometown in Ungwan Dosa, Kaduna North, Kaduna State on Sunday, February 14.
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Monday, March 22, 2021

Kaduna Political Awards: Senator Shehu Sani, Receives Nomination Certificate

Former lawmaker representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Senator Shehu Sani, Has Received his Nomination Certificates for the forthcoming Kaduna Political Awards. 
Shehu Sani, who has the highest Kaduna Political Awards Nominations, received his Nomination Certificates under "The Most Vocal Opposition", 'Personality Of The Year" and "Man Of The People" categories. 
In his acceptance speech he said, "Distinguished leaders of the Kaduna Political Affairs, distinguished members of the press, i must profoundly apologise for the delay in this meeting. I welcome you to my residence and also i must profoundly appreciate the honour of your presence and the Nomination Certificates presented to me by your organization. Award is a recognition and appreciation of one's own contribution or effort or human investment. I also believe that an award is a booster and challenge for one to do more. So i gladly and honourably accept this award nomination hoping that when the process is completed at least I'll win one of these awards.  Having said that, i want to use this opportunity to appreciate your intervention in the Political space. It is dangerous and risky for citizens at times like this to fold their arms while the nation is burning. Political intervention by non Politicians will bring reason, morality and rationality into the space of politics. Professional Politicians have not been able to solve the problems of Nigeria, they have even become the problem of the country itself. So i am highly delighted to see that an intervention like yours, can possibly give a new direction, new focus and new thinking to the Political space as it exists. Non Governmental organizations have become so commercialised In terms of giving awards to undeserving Nigerians, but your process that begins with nomination, your process that also involves popular votes and popular participation of Nigerians in terms of making their own decisions as regards to different categories of this award is innovative and creative in the spectrum of appreciation of patriotic Nigerians."
"Nigeria is at a crossroad. Banditry in the Northwestern part of Nigeria is threatening the peace, the existence and the survival of not Just the Northwest or the North but the whole Of Nigeria. The mindless blood letting and spade of kidnappings in the north is a fire that must be extinguished now and not tomorrow. It's unfortunate that people in the position of power have allowed a problem that ought to be solved five to six years ago. They have allowed it to reach the point of an inferno. At a time when we were in the national assembly, the friends of the president, misinformed, misadvised him not to hid our warning, not to take an action. They said all we have been saying was an exaggeration. It was a false alarm and that we were trying to rubbish the image of the president. They were more concerned about his image than the bloodshed on the ground. The violence yesterday was about poor people, today even Governors are not safe. Yesterday was Zulum, today it is otom, who is next? The response of the present Government to the present terror in the North is dismal. They've failed to protect our people. They've failed to live up to the expectations and the promises and pledges they made. I do not dispute the fact that president Buhari has succeeded in a number of areas, but in terms of protecting human lives and properties, the Government has failed. And when a government fails, the next is for the state to fail. Nigeria is not yet a failed state but it's a failing state. The symptoms of failure are self evident in the affairs of Nigeria today. 
Sunday Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu, Asari Dokubo were once Patriotic Nigerians who believed in one Nigeria. They once believed in their country. We need to ask ourselves what transformed them from people who loved their country to secessionists. When you have an unattended grieviences, marginalisation and injustices, the result is what you get today. Asari, Nnamdi Kanu, Igboho can be defeated, not by force, but by entrenching justice, fairplay and by giving all Nigerians who believe in them a reason not to believe in them. As far as I'm concerned, if we do not adress the entrench injustices, marginalisation, poverty and unemployment in the country, we can not end the violence, banditry and terror in Nigeria today. 
But i must warn that those who have taking the path of secession, are not helping those of us who believe that power should rotate to all parts of the country. I am for a United and peaceful Nigeria and I'm ready to defend this country to remain a United country. But it is impossible to unite a country when the leaaders treats other citizens as if they are slaves. In a master, servant relationship, there can never be unity. There can only be compliance with what the master wants. So as you go about the activities of your Association, i enjoin you to do so with fairness, with objectivity and also reflecting to the world the real situation we are in kaduna today. I can't move one kilometer outside of kaduna because there are bandits everywhere in the outskirts of the town. What kind of Government do we have? Where is the strength of Nigerian military that have been able to achieve success in Liberia, sierra leone, Congo and all parts of the world? How can a nation of 206 million people be unable to defeat bandits and terrorists that are less than 200 thousand? How can billions of dollars and naira be invested in our security agencies and they are unable to provide security for our nation? These are questions we need to ask ourselves. Thank you very much for your presence.''
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Sunday, March 21, 2021

PHOTONEWS: Students Of Government Secondary School Badarawa, Sit On Bare Floor During Classes

Students Of Government Secondary School Badarawa, Sit On Bare Floor During Classes
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The least you can do to feed Southern Kaduna Displaced Persons is to share this artwork on your platforms. 

Someone on your timeline can be compelled to Support. Change in our communities starts from somewhere.

Send Easter present 🎁 to Southern Kaduna Refugees by making a Donation. 

Account Name: 
Access Diamond Bank 

For Raw Food/Cloth Donation Call Us: 08123333583
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How El-Rufai Cooked Lies That Oritsejafor And I Are Boko Haram Sponsors – Goodluck Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has stated that the All Progressive Congress in 2014 embarked on propaganda to mislead Nigerians, including claims that his government supported the Boko Haram terrorists to reduce the number of northern voters.
Jonathan noted that Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, particularly in August 2014, accused him and the then President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, of being Boko Haram sponsors “to spoil Islam’s name.”
Years after the accusation and a campaign to "change" the country, insecurity has worsened under the APC-led government's watch. El-Rufai and other governors are struggling to tackle insecurity in the northern region.
Jonathan said El-Rufai’s claims were both “laughable and extremely ridiculous” but his (Jonathan’s) government was determined not to pull anyone down.
The former President stated this in his book, "My Transition Hours", explaining that his government was consistently attacked and maligned to ensure the propaganda succeeded.
Excerpts from the former President’s book reads, “The President security could quickly have fired at the source of the missiles, thinking it was the insurgents. But we responded differently. I have always said it and meant it. Nothing I wanted was worth the blood of a human being, least of all, the people I had the direct charge to protect, the people I swore to serve.
“Muhammadu Buhari was in my home state and I proactively ensured that nothing of that sort happened. He was not the president and it would have been easy to return the dubious compliment. There was no shortage of courageous young men ready to carry out such a mission. We could also have denied complicity as they did, but it was not my way.
“Besides not being so base by nature, I would have reduced an office I held in trust and embarrassed my colleague and many others around the world who hold me to certain standards and values. I encouraged my supporters not to dwell on the issue. When I accepted the PDP nomination for re-elections, I had charged myself and my supporters to campaign in peace with hope in our hearts, on the facts and truth on issues and ideas, on our records of performance, not violence. Ours was a campaign of ideas.
“We put it behind us and forged ahead with a clean campaign. The opposition was steeped in negative rhetoric and slurs of all manners. We were not swayed. I campaigned consistently on what we did, what we were doing and what we could still do. My concern was for new ideas and positive ways of doing things. It was essential to purge the do-or-die mentality from our minds. It would take some time but I knew I was making headway in that direction.
“It showed by the massive drop in politically motivated assassinations. It simply vanished because the leader was not interested in killing to win.
“They raised a chorus of “Jonathan must go.” They crafted a pseudo activist image. They loaded the campaign space with a lot of unproven corruption. The propaganda exhibited by the opposition was infinitely worse than anyone they could imagine and they imagined plenty. The point was to mislead the ordinary folks against the government. It was even taken to the ridiculous extent of claiming that I was behind Boko Haram. They said I planned it to reduce the number of northern voters.

“A particular opposition politician, Nasir El-Rufai, who became the Governor of Kaduna State, went to the ridiculous extent of tweeting on August 9, 2014, that the then President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, and I were sponsors of the Boko Haram. He added that Boko Haram members were not Muslims but Christians disguised as Muslims to spoil Islam’s good name.

“Of course, it was laughable and extremely ridiculous. On the same day, at the Portcullis House in Parliament, London, El-Rufai repeated the same allegations at an event.”

Since May 2015, when President Muhammadu Buhari came into office, the Boko Haram killings has more than doubled in the country, leaving thousands of Nigerian soldiers as casualties.
There have also been more abductions and killings of women and children in the North-East as soft targets.
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Friday, March 19, 2021

Parents, Colleagues Of Abducted Kaduna Students Hit The Streets

Parents and Students of the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, Afaka, Kaduna, on Thursday staged a protest over the abduction of 39 students of the college by bandits.
The protesters, who converged on the school premises around 11:30am on Thursday, appealed to authorities to rescue the victims.
According to the parents, since the incident occurred a week ago, the state government and school authorities have not briefed them about efforts being made to rescue the victims.
The protesters displayed placards with inscriptions such as “Free Afaka 39 students”, “End Kidnapping”, “FCFM Students Say No To Kidnapping”, “Bring Back Our Boys vs Girls”, among others.
They were chanting different songs as they marched on the new Mando road linking the college and Rigasa Train Station.
A parent, Sunday Musa, said they are tired of the “waiting game”.
“We don’t know the condition our children are in or what they are eating in the bush. So we are staging this protest for government to help rescue them,” he said.
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Kaduna Entertainment News: A.T Releases First Project in 10 Years

Kaduna Based Talented singer, songwriter, producer, visual artist, and TV Producer, Ayuba Tete also known as AT has released his first project in 10 years. The “Which One You Dey” crooner disclosed this in a Facebook post.

“ONCE AGAIN, it is my greatest pleasure to introduce to you my first project in almost 10 years…brought about by ceaseless requests for links to some of my old songs (and quite a lot of suggestions to remake them) Hence the title: “PROJECT 180°”.
“I wanna take this time out to appreciate every single person that made this project a reality: @iampherow – ( I LOVE you, brother…and you know I gotchu fo’ life) for not only mixing and mastering the project, but blessing me with TWO dope 16’s. You’re the MVP of this project.
“Rogers Gwariboy Yakubu– thanks for all the beats the hook-ups, and the studio time and for featuring on “hello,hi” and introducing me to Saye Bala who produced and mixed “hello, hi”.@jr_seazon – for blessing the Project with 2 banging beatsJay Baba – for the “in tha mood” beat ( tweaked by @iampherow)Jesse jagz – thanks for jumping on “I just wanna sing”. You KILLED it. (And to think that was a freestyle) David Adoga aka OVERDOSE aka BOBBY ZAMANI aka NAGACHI . – Your verse on “Ba Wasa Remix” is .David Bature– thanks for the additional tweaks and adjustments as well.
“And Last but not least, Thank you AYUBA TETE – for believing in me despite all the doubts I had. And also for producing two joints off the E.P : “I just wanna sing” & “Ba Wasa Remix”
“Shouts out to Agwam V’zar for the photography and art direction Okay,Enough talk… ENJOY THE E.P!!!”. He wrote. 

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PHOTONEWS: Funeral Service Of Late Comrade Silas Adamu, His Wife And Daughter, At Ecwa English Service, Sabon Tasha

Funeral Service Of Late Comrade Silas Adamu, His Wife And Daughter, At Ecwa English Service, Sabon Tasha
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Bandits will be defeated – El-Rufai

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, said bandits terrorizing the state will be defeated.
He gave the assurance on Wednesday during a visit by the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Isiaka Amoo.
The governor said his administration would not allow bandits to disrupt the education system.
He commended security agencies for their battle against banditry and insurgency in Nigeria.

“We are confident that we shall win the fight against banditry, we are sure that our schools will remain functional,” NAN quoted him as saying.

El-Rufai recalled the agreement of a stakeholders meeting held on Tuesday.
In attendance were government officials, heads of security agencies, civil society and religious groups.

“We agreed that only the most vulnerable schools should be shut down, because they cannot be easily accessed due to the terrain of their location,” he said.

Amao disclosed that his visit was to assess the preparedness of the Air Training Command, whose personnel are fighting the bandits in the North-West.

Governor El'Rufai had earlier declared that his government will not negotiate with bandits.
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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Kaduna Business Mogul, Mahdi Shehu, Granted Bail

A Federal High court in Kano has granted bail to Mahdi Shehu who pleaded not guilty to all the six count charges filed against him by the Katsina State Government.

Justice Ambrose Lewis Allagoa, the presiding judge, however, said the accused should be remanded in correctional service pending the fulfilment of his bail condition.

He was granted bail of N10 million and one surety in like some. The court said the surety must be a resident of Kano who has a landed property.

The matter was adjourned to May 19th for continuation of trial.

Details later…
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OPINION: El-Rufai should under no circumstances succumb to criminal blackmail by bandits, criminals rule by fear and violence, the state must tackle them with superior force, By Na'alla Muhammad

The persistent attacks on Kaduna schools by the bandits reveal their specific goal: to force Gov El-Rufai to reverse his uncompromising stance on negotiating with criminals for ransom.
The long term consequences of rewarding criminals are by far more dangerous than the perceived short-term benefits of paying ransom to bandits. These thugs are not keen about disarmament. Their goal is fast money by criminal means. 
It's therefore naive to think you can buy peace with money. Bandits are blackmailers; we have got to a point where the government must flex its muscles beyond the usual threats and tell them enough is enough. 
You can never get peace from the bully by running away and crying on every occasion he molests you. You must stand up and fight; if you don't, he gets bolder and crueller, and attacks you more and more because there are no consequences. 
Passivity feeds aggression. Brutal force is the only language the criminal can understand. You can't afford passivity if you're dealing with criminal gangs that are not ready to give up their violent ways.
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has taught the world the meaning of decisiveness and toughness in dealing with criminals. He taught outlaws that the supremacy of the law must prevail. The day the criminals prevail, law and order will be forced into retreat, thus making us unsafe. Criminals rule by fear and violence. The state must tackle them with superior force.
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PHOTONEWS: Cute Pictures Of Celebrity Baby Jayson, As He Turns One Year Old

Cute Pictures Of Celebrity Baby Jayson, As He Turns One Year Old
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