Saturday, February 13, 2021

OPINION: Take it or leave it, Hon. Ekene Adams has succeeded in Making APC to become attractive in Chikun Local Government, By Bulus Audu

Dear Honourable Ekene Abubakar Adams,  Your hard work, zeal, and dedication was not is vain. The ongoing APC registration and revalidation exercise has in deed proving that when zeal, dedication and hard work are applied positive results is inevitable. The results have been massive.
One might wonder why such huge success most especially in Chikun local government area where it is widely believed to have zero love and tolerance for the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, the answer is simple, a coach who knows the rules of the game, Honourable Ekene Abubakar Adams is at the helm of affairs.
His recent return to the progressives family is indeed a development of high esteemable value. The people's mind set has taking a new shape through his various engagements with them through out the periods leading to this revalidation exercise. His tracks of activities has shown the people that hope is not lost only their perception towards the government of the day should change.
A sensitization rally which saw the Honourable walk with his foot round romi, yelwa wards also gave the people hope and sense of belonging.
If not Hon. Ekene Adams, how many APC Politicians can comfortably hold a rally and walk round Ungwan Yelwa and Ungwan Romi without being harassed? Ekene is obviously loved.  It is obvious that his followers are willing to follow him to any Political Party. 
I could remember an aged mother within the age of 70 whom he stopped to talk to said to him "yaro na Allah sa maka albarka shuagabane irin ka muke so".
Another striking force for the magnitude of results achieved is the ongoing empowerment program initiated by the Honorable and his hard working empowerment team who denied themselves comfort moving from one ward to the other putting smiles on the faces of the people. 
Truly, a coach who knows the rules of the game is at the helm of affairs, speaking to the people and giving them reasons why they should support the government and its officials.
You don't sleep at home and expect results neither do you hold back your resources and expect to achieve anything.
Results are products of sacrifices, both in cash, time and forfeiting your comfort zone. Honourable Ekene Abubakar Adams has sacrificed all and the outcome is obviously positive, APC now have a positive face in Chikun local government, what a magnificent achievement, kudos sir. 
Take it or leave it, Hon. Ekene Adams has made APC to become attractive in Chikun local Government, and that's something that seemed impossible in the past. One thing I've learnt after studying Hon. Ekene's movements is that nothing is impossible. With hardwork and dedication, there is nothing that is unachievable. I'm now not surprised that the man is successful. He is a goal getter. Someone who takes drastic measures to achieve whatever he sets his mind on. Hon. Ekene Adams is obviously an asset and a blessing, not just to the All Progressives Congress alone, but to the people of his constituency.

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