Monday, February 8, 2021

No Sex Party In Kaduna, Police Witnesses Tell Court

Police witnesses who conducted search operation at the venue of the botched sex party in Kaduna, have debunked claims that there was a sex party at Asher Kings and Queens restaurant and lounge on December 27, 2020.
The two witnesses presented by the prosecutor, ASP Shola Olodowa, gave contradicting evidences of what transpired on the said date but both agreed that there was no sex party.
A policeman, Alfa Yahaya, who led the operation to arrest five suspects, told the court that they visited the purported sex party location with two Hilux vehicles and eight personnel of Operation Yaki that were fully armed.
In a contradicting statement, the second witness, Corporal Ibrahim Adamu, who was part of the operation, said they visited the restaurant with three Hilux vehicles with 15 armed operatives but did not witness any orgy.
Yahaya said, "When we got there, we saw a crowd of 50 and more, not observing social distancing, not wearing face masks, no provision for hand sanitisers with many of them half-naked, drinking and playing loud music. When they sighted us, they jumped over the fence but we were able to arrest the organiser and the two DJs and took them to our station.
"I can identify three of the defendants but they were not part of those who were half-naked. I cannot identify those who were half-naked because they jumped over the fence. We did not witness any sex party on that day (27th December, 2020) and those who jumped over the fence were those not observing social distancing."

On his part, Adamu said he had been called upon for a special operation by the officer-in-charge who sent him a flyer of the said sex party on WhatsApp.
"The flyer did not carry any venue, but another chat indicated that the party was going to be at Asher restaurant and lounge. When we arrested three of the respondents, we made them write this in the statement which I read to them.
"We went there with three Hilux vehicles with five personnel in each of the Hilux but when we got there, there was no sex party taking place there. The phone number on the flyer, when tracked, belongs to one Marvellous Akpan, who admitted designing the flyer along with his friends.
"Akpan confessed that Asher restaurant had nothing to do with the flyer. I also saw the 2nd respondent, Abraham Alberah, there, but he was properly dressed in caftan." 

The suspects: Abraham Alberah, Umar Rufai and Suleiman Lemona were arraigned in court on Monday, alongside Chimezie Kenneth, who organised the party and Marvellous Akpan.
Legal practitioner, Sam Stung, represented the 2nd, 3rd and 4th respondent while Segun Jimoh represented the 5th respondent.
The presiding Judge, Benjamin Hassan, adjourned the hearing to February 22.

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