Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Jubilation, as Hon. Ekene Adams Empowerment Program Hits Kujama, Narayi, Sabon Tasha Wards

It was a moment of Joy, Jubilation and Fun at the third phase of Hon. Ekene Adams Empowerment Program, which took place at Kujama, Narayi and Sabon Tasha Wards of Chikun Local Government Area. 
In his opening remarks, Hon. Ekene Adams urged the people to shun ethno-religious politics, stating that without unity, there can't be development. He urged the people to choose representatives that'll intercede for them in order to bring development, not those who appears only during elections. 

"In 2019, i contested under APGA which i lost because it wasn't yet my time. God is the giver of power, he gives whom he wants at the appropriate time."
"Today I'm in APC, and the reason i moved to APC is simply because i want to have a working relationship with the Government in order to bring development to my people." 
"God has blessed me with all that i need, i have never received a dime from any Politician. I joined APC not for my selfish interest, but that of the Masses, because the Government needs those who'll work with them in order to bring development, not those who are constantly opposing them."
"No Political party is in our Religious books, so we shouldn't treat any party like a religion.There are good and bad eggs in every Political party. Instead of fighting APC, why not join them in order to be part of decision making? Why not join them in order to bench the bad eggs? 
"Let no one deceive you that APC is a Muslim party. I am Christian, the son of a prophetess. Majority of the people around me are Christians.There are a lot of Christians in APC. Don't allow anyone to mislead you. Go out there and participate in the revalidation and registration of new members, I'll make sure that your voices are heard."
In 2019, people used a lot of propagandas against me, saying I'm a Muslim, i was sent by El'Rufai, I'm not the son of the soil, and so on. 
"I just told you that I'm a Christian right? Secondly, i wasn't in touch with El'Rufai as at the time the propaganda was flying. Thirdly, i am more qualified to contest in any part of the country than most people, because my Dad is a Northerner, my mum is Ibo, and I'm married to a Yoruba woman."
"I'm a full blown Nigerian, who doesn't place ethnicity and religion above nationality and humanity. There are Christians and Muslims in my family because my Dad is a Muslim, and we coexist peacefully. That's why i carry everyone along. Some of you here are Christians, while some are Muslims. Some of you are Hausa, while some are ibo, yoruba, bajju, Gbagyi and the list goes on. My empowerment program is for everyone. I'll continue to empower you as long as I'm breathing, with or without a political office. Even if i die, my team will continue this empowerment program because it has nothing to do with politics. If other Politicians will follow suit, i think we'll be able to alleviate poverty. 
"I thank you all for coming out, i wish you the best of luck in the raffle draw," he said.
Highlight of the event was when Madam Esther Usman, a native of Kataf, who sells foodstuffs was giving 200 thousand Naira to boost her business. 
Ambassadors for Christ comedians, who performed at the event were promised a tour bus in order to soften their movement. 
Mrs Naomi Ayuba, who said she was relieved of her duties by Kaduna State Government without compensation, was given 50 thousand Naira by Hon. Ekene Adams to start petty trading. He also encouraged her not to give up, because if one door closes, God will open another.

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