Sunday, February 14, 2021

El-Rufai vows to restore Kaduna to its past glory

Kaduna State Government is trying to restore the inclusivity and the togetherness of Kaduna town in order to make a home for all Nigerians as it used to be in the past.
Governor Nasir El Rufai who made this known during the commissioning of the Kaduna Nigerian Immigration Service Command Building said many great Nigerians lived in Kaduna.
The governor, however, lamented that the city is now divided due to the incessant communal clashes that occurred in the state in the last two decades.
‘’Kaduna used to be home for all Nigerians, many great people lived their lives here. Some came here to go to school, some came just to attend the Defence Academy or Police College but it was such a hospitable and inclusive city that many have chosen to remain.
‘’Many of the retired generals, Air Marshall, Rear Admirals come back here to retire. Abuja has taken some of them, and the incessant communal clashes that divided the city have also discouraged some from coming back,’’ he noted.
El Rufai pointed out that many people have started returning because ‘’more and more people are beginning to regard Kaduna as a low-cost option to Abuja.’’
‘’We thank the Buhari administration for the train link that has made movement very easy and the ongoing work to reconstruct the Kaduna-Abuja road,’’ he added.

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