Thursday, February 11, 2021

Be wary of the deceptive advances by the ruling All Progressive Congress, PDP tells Members

The People's Democratic Party,PDP,Kaduna State Chapter is calling on its members to be wary of all the deceptive advances by the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), in their registration and revalidation exercise.

In a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Alberah Catoh, made available to Kaduna Political Affairs, the Peoples Democratic Party said, "It has come to our notice that the failed APC political party has been going round deceiving the general public that one can register with their party and be given #5,000, GSM phones, fertiliser, rice, loans and other sundry gifts.  

Their lies also includes, the promise to participate in decision making once you are a registered party member, the call on people to register with the APC even if you are a member of another political party, urging the public not to put their eggs in one basket, as well as the claiming that registering with them does not imply voting for the party during elections.

This is nothing but a gimmick to lure innocent Nigerians into their fold.

It is a rehash of the failed promises, falsehood and deceptive acts the APC is synonymous with, which it used against the people to gain power in 2015.

Why would a party which has been in government for about six years be bribing people to join their failed contraption? This is against the law,₩ and it is tantamount to vote buying, which is an unholy concept of rigging introduced by them into our electoral system. The offer of financial or material gift for people to register is appalling, deceitful and an evidence of failure on the side of the ruling party.

It is obvious that the government of APC in Kaduna State have relegated a lot of its members, who toiled hard at the formative stage of the party and subsequently worked tirelessly for its electoral 'victory' to the background.

Rather than making them part of decision making in the party or government, a substantial number of them have been kicked out of the party, some were arrested and thrown into detention for the simple reason of holding contrary opinion to the people at the helm of affairs. While a large part of the current membership are cowed, gagged and oppressed to silence or submission in expectation of crumbs from their masters.

Apparently, the APC administration and the party in Kaduna State is ran by a cabal in an undemocratic manner and all decisions are made by the members of that clique. 

Therefore, registering as a member would not change their philosophy, rather it would only aid in swelling up their data base to be used for rolling out their usual lies and propaganda.

The persuasion of people to register as members of their party, despite holding membership of other political parties is ridiculous, and a ploy to hoodwinked the general public to engage in dual party registration, which is illegal and unlawful.

Certainly there is no gain saying the people are still grappling with the hardship, poverty, demolition of their business premises and houses, insecurity, corruption, bad governance,sacking of their  bread winners from their jobs without compensation and so on, hoist on them by the APC, hence the rejection of the party, resulting in the low turn out and registration of under age minors it is experiencing at its registration and revalidation centres.

The PDP is calling on all its members and the general public to resist all entreaties by merchants of falsehood and propaganda to cajole or tempt them, in their so called registration and revalidation exercise, that is already shrouded in intra-party controversy.

We are also calling on all our party supporters and stakeholders to be on the watch as they will stop at nothing just to get a number they would use to further propagate their usual shenanigans.

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