Friday, February 12, 2021

"APC does not cajole, persuade or buy anyone into registering as its member, results they say silence every form of argument," APC replies Kaduna PDP

We read with great amusement the press release purportedly signed and shared by the State Publicity Secretary of the PDP. It is laughable that the PDP as an opposition have continually rejected growth and advancement. 

They are always in opposition without new ideas, innovation and modernity. As such, nothing good or exceptional will ever come out from the Party. We therefore rhetorically ask: can anything good come out of PDP?

In their long epistle of lies, PDP claimed that the All Progressive Congress (APC) is luring new members to register and revalidate their membership; and that they are giving monetary and material gifts to cajole PDP members to decamp and join the APC. This is totally false, baseless and unfounded. 

Sadly, PDP has always been a Party for the highest bidder. They place more value on monetary gratification than on meaningful ideas and development. They have monetized politics in Nigeria. To them, the World  revolves around how much money one has accumulated or stolen; and not how much one can contribute to national growth.

The APC membership revalidation and registration exercise was an idea conceived by the Governor  Mai-Bala Buni-led Caretaker Committee. It is done simply to further democratize the party by empowering the ordinary Party members. This is aimed at giving them a voice and to co-opt them into the decision making process of the Party. We then ask what is the place of a common member in PDP? They are always considered for ballot-box snatching/stuffing, political thuggery, or conflict entrepreneurs. 

Since the inception of PDP there has never been a time where the internal selection process of its standard bearer/candidates was done through direct primaries. Selection of candidates has always been carried out by a group of old, greedy, selfish and non-retiring politicians, masquerading themselves as delegates. PDP lacks internal democracy; and the will of the majority is always submerged by the desire of a selfish few. 

APC does not cajole, persuade or buy anyone into registering as its member. Results, they say, silence every form of argument. The Mallam Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai-led administration is a result-driven and result oriented administration. Kaduna has never had it so good with a growing revenue base, unrivalled urban and rural renewal projects, massive infrastructural development, hospitals and schools are being renovated, more markets are built, foreign direct investment of about 2 Billion Dollars, number one State in the ease of doing business in Nigeria, industrialization drive and more jobs for all. It was not as good as this when PDP earned much from the sells of crude oil.

APC in Kaduna State is the Party to join. In this administration, young energetic, idea-driven youth have been incorporated into governance, bearing forth excellent results, This was not the case during the 16 years of PDP's misrule. No wonder, their yesterday's men have held tight to power, denying and refusing the youth their place in governance and party leadership. 

We dare the PDP to come out and show the world their Party register, how many registered members they have, and when they last registered new members. The PDP we know does not have a record of its registered members. They are leaving in self-denial and deceit. 

We know that the last since the last 6 years that Nigerians voted them out of power, they have been traumatized and frustrated. 

One thing stands clear in Kaduna State: there is no opposition party. What we have is an assembly of internally displaced power mongers, struggling for survival, says Kaduna APC, in a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Salisu Tanko Wosono, made available to Kaduna Political Affairs.

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