Saturday, January 9, 2021

You were never part of those who formed the APC in Kaduna in 2015, you came after Governor Elrufai won the primaries, Hon. Zailani mocks Sen. Uba Sani

Kaduna State APC is walking through a contentious murky waters of politics, two gladiators of the party: Speaker Kaduna State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Yusuf Ibrahim Zailani and Senator representing Kaduna central at the Senate, Senator Uba Sani, are embroiled in media war.
 According to a reliable source who spoke on account of anonymity, said, the scandal was triggered by Uba Sani urchins who have consistently abused Zailani on radio.
 He further narrated that, Zailani was angered by the fact Uba Sani refused to call his boys to order, but he appeared cavalier about the consistent haranguing and abuses until it reached the point that Zailani couldn’t tolerate anymore.
Responding to some of the abuses ushered at him, Zailani took a swipe at Uba Sani. He challenged him saying: “If you think you are somebody, come back to kaduna every Friday and attend Friday prayer publicly. “Stop hiding in Hotels with small girls, stay in your House and attend to people. 
“If you think you are popular, come back weekly and open your constituency office and attend to people inside for three hours if you can. “You got the Senate Seat on a plater of Gold Courtesy of His Excellency the Governor of which you have become ungrateful. 
“You claim to be a rich man, bring out ONE BILLION from your own pocket and share to your constituents in Kaduna Central. 
“You did nothing since your election as Senator other than deceiving people with loan; Covid 19 loan is not your constituency project, it’s a project of President Muhammadu Buhari Administration for ALL NIGERIANS and you played no role in it. If you are rich, share your money instead of claiming credit for what is not yours. “You were never part of those who formed the APC in Kaduna in 2015, you only came after Governor Elrufai won the primaries. “You have been calling me an illiterate while you too can’t stand on the floor of the Senate and speak eloquently and since your election you have nothing to show you did as a senator. “You didn’t bring anything to the people of Kaduna apart from Pornographic video in a hotel room. “Anyone been deceived and following Uba Sani is wasting his time”, he said.

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