Tuesday, January 5, 2021

When my father died, you donated 100 thousand Naira to my family, Benjamin Aliben Christopher Says, as he apologises to Hon. Ekene Adams

Benjamin Aliben Christopher, who posted an article on his Facebook wall, alleging that Hon. Ekene Adam's empowerment program was a scam, like the Normal bet9ja or Baba Ijebu, put together by Hon. Ekene Adams to lure and deceive people, has apologised. 

When asked why he made the post and if he can produce the people whom Hon. Ekene Adams have scammed according to his article, he stated that he wasn't the one who created the content to tarnish the image of the Honourable, some people used him to do it.
He added that when his father died, Hon. Ekene Adams donated 100 thousand Naira to his family, despite not knowing them.
"Infact, Honourable Ekene was passing our neighborhood, where he came to visit someone who lost a relative. When he saw people gathered at our doorstep, he enquired and was told that someone died and he donated the sum of 100 thousand Naira to us," he said. 
He went further to state that he was a direct beneficiary of Hon. Ekene Adam's Covid-19 relief fund, where he got the sum of 5 thousand Naira, according to eye witness. 

He later took to his Facebook page, where he apologized publicly, stating that he was pleased with the kind gesture extended to him by Honourable Ekene Adams, who invited him to know why he made a post on Facebook, making false allegations against him. He stated that the kind gesture extended to him by the Honourable, has commanded his respect, adding that he had a wrong perspective of him, which he took too far. 

"Earlier this morning I posted a post about Hon Ekene Abubakar Adams. What I heard afterwards is that he (Ekene) Arrested me, detained me and confiscated my phone. None of such happen. On the contrary I was honorably invited by Ekene to his honorable office to sit and iron things out that led to the posting of such by me. We got talking on a refreshing table then I realised how much i unknowingly has also benefit generously from the said man (Ekene) he ask reasonable questions and also explained in detail all i wrongly accused him of. Wait!!! who am I to command such an attention from such a man, I matter not to him so i believed. But he still took out time to address this issues. You command my respect by this gesture Hon. Ekene. My sincere apologies to his Family, Friends and loved ones. I had a wrong perception of the Man, and I took it too far. Continue your good works, God bless. Las Las EKENE YOU LEGIT'', he posted.

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