Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Tears Of Joy, As Beneficiaries of Hon. Ekene Adams Empowerment Program Receives Items

It was an emotional moment for the beneficiaries of Hon. Ekene Adams empowerment program, who cried tears of joy and showered blessings on the Honourable, for empowering them when they thought that all hope was lost.   
It would be recalled that on the 2nd of January, 2021, Hon. Ekene Adams launched an Empowerment office, tagged "let's get Empowered," in order to easily reach out to the less privileged. Many lives were touched as items such as grinding machines, motor cycles, cash were donated to the participants, while pledging to carry out his empowerment scheme in all the wards under Chikun/Kajuru Constituency.
The first phase of the scheme took place at Maraban Rido and Ungwan Romi. 
In his opening speech, Hon. Ekene Adams said, "I welcome each and everyone of you to this life changing meeting, but before we proceed, i want you to do me a favour. Please, don't move around calling my name while giving thanks. You should thank God for using me to bless you. I am only a vessel. If you believe in the holy book you'll notice that God doesn't come down to help people, he uses others to do that. 
Yes I'm a politician, but i didn't help you with the intention of playing politics. If you deem me not worthy to get your votes, even though I've helped you, please don't vote for me. Vote for whoever you deem worthy. This is not a campaign. Whether I'm in active politics or not, God will continue to use me to help the less privileged. 
Livinus Tanko, a native of Ikulu, who got a car from the honourable said, "I have nothing to say but to thank God for using Hon. Ekene Adams to bless me. I pray he finds favour, the way he favoured my family by giving us a car. He then pleaded with the honourable to allow him drive the car with the sticker for at least a week. 
Hon. Ekene Adams who swiftly responded, told him to kindly remove the sticker so that he'll be able to start his transportation business as soon as possible. He added that the reason the car was giving to him with a sticker was because the car was not meant to be giving out, It was meant for his team. 
"When i saw the Joy your wife displayed after she won a yes during the raffle draw, i called her and ask her why she was so excited despite not knowing what we were going to offer her. She said whatever we offer would go a long way. Then i asked her to make a wish, which she said all she wanted was for her husband to get a driving job. Unfortunately, there was no vacancy. Then I heard the voice of God telling me to give her husband the Sharon car that was meant for my team. I had to obey God by doing the needful. So feel free to remove the sticker, the car is now your property," he said. 
Abigail Musa, a Gbagyi native who lives in Ungwan Romi, told Newsmen that she was giving a wheelchair and a grinding machine by honourable Ekene Adams. She added that she was born with disability, which is the reason she has been crawling for years. 
"No one cared to buy me a wheelchair, but immediately Hon. Ekene Adams saw me, he came to me and promised to buy a wheelchair for me and also support me with a grinding machine. "I'm grateful to God for using the honourable to bring succour. I'm optimistic that this is just the tip of the iceberg, as God will use him to do more." I urge other Kaduna State Politicians to emulate Hon. Ekene Adams by helping people with disabilities," she said. 
Binta Nicholas, a Kagoma Native, who lives in Maraban Rido said, "while the raffle draw was going on, i was sitting in isolation, thinking of what my children would eat when i return home, that was when Honourable Ekene sighted me. He then came to me and asked me few questions, which i answered. Then he promised to assist me, which he has fulfilled. 
Most times, until i hustle round the clock before i get what to eat, but with this grinding machine, i don't think I'll ever have a problem with getting my daily bread. I knew his mum when she was at Maraban Rido, she helped a lot of us, I'm glad we are now benefiting from her son. I'm grateful to God for using Ekene to bless me. I'm an ordinary Alele seller, i never knew God will locate me so soon. I'm also sharing the money i got with those who don't have, that was my convenant with God. I'll keep only the grinding machine," she said. 
Zuwaira Ibrahim, a Hausa-Fulani from Maraban Rido, said, "I'm a waina seller. I've been in the business since i was a child. Things later became bad for me so i couldn't continue. But with this empowerment, i now have enough cash to start afresh. I'll not only sell as usual, I'll use it to feed those who can't afford it."
Sarah Garba, a native of Zangon Kataf, who lives in Maraban Rido said, "I was at home when my grand daughter came and told me that the governor of Kaduna state is sharing money. I was not feeling fine, but my grand daughter forced me to go. Immediately i arrived the venue, Hon. Ekene Adams located me. He asked me what i was doing, then i told him that I'm no longer in business because of how rough things are. My daughter and her husband were killed in maiduguri and my grand daughters are living with me. We have little or nothing. He then promised to give me a grinding machine and 20 thousand Naira, which he did. I pray that God will take Ekene to higher places. May he find the favour he showed to us," she said.
Mrs Kasham Solomon, a petty trader said, "I went for the raffle draw. I participated but i got a No. Fortunately, the Honourable called me and asked me what i do, i told him that I'm a petty trader who is struggling to survive. He then promised to give me 50 thousand Naira despite not winning the raffle draw. I can't thank God enough because i prayed all through the night before going for the raffle draw. I even took the raffle ticket to my pastors. They said i was going to get something. I didn't win the raffle draw but God used Honourable Ekene Adams to locate me. I've never benefitted from any Empowerment before, this is the first time. I pray that God grants honourable Ekene Adams his heart desires. I pray he lives for 165 years," she said. 

Mr. John Femi, a journalist, who broke down in tears while making his speech, said, "I'm yet to understand you sir. You just gave a car to someone and you said he shouldn't tell people about it. I think it's important for the man to drive around with the sticker for at least a week, so that the people would know that we have a good Samaritan in the person of Hon. Ekene Adams. The world needs to know who Ekene truly is. We can't continue to keep quiet.
He added that the Honourable has inspired him to be a giver, while promising to tell the story of Hon. Ekene Adams to the world. 
"As for the man who was giving a car, "my advice for you is to be focused. Your wife is a good woman. Make money and take care of your family. Don't allow other women to distract you when money comes," he said. 
Hon. Ekene who swiftly responded, told mr. John femi that though his intentions are good, people would give it a different meaning if the man uses the car for a week with the sticker. He added that it'll also hinder him from carrying out his commercial activities, so it's best he takes it off.

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