Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Sex Party: Kaduna Government Makes U-Turn, Says Building Demolished For Lacking Permit

The Kaduna State Government on Tuesday made a U-turn on its earlier statement which justified the demolition of Asher Kings and Queens Restaurant, claiming it was the venue of a botched sex party.
The government stated on Tuesday that the building was brought down for its illegal status, noting that “government records show that the building housing Asher restaurant had neither a valid title nor development permit”.
The Kaduna State Urban Development and Planning Authority, which demolished the building on December 31, 2020, accepted that the earlier statement it issued through its Twitter handle was inaccurate.
KASUPDA had in an attempt to justify its demolition earlier stated on its Twitter handle on January 1, that Governor Nasir El-Rufai ordered the demolition due to an alleged sex party saga.
However, KASUPDA Director General, Ismail Umaru Dikko, while reading a speech before selected journalists on Tuesday, said, “Since this enforcement action, much of the commentary on the matter has centered on the inaccurate statements from KASUPDA’s Twitter account. While regretting the inaccuracy of the handler of our social media account, there is no reservation about steps taken pursuant to enforce the laws and regulations of Kaduna State on property that was in violation of its provisions.
“By virtue of various land administration and development control initiatives conceived and implemented in the last five years, there is no excuse for anyone in Kaduna State to remain without valid title to their property and permits for any development thereon.
“Residents that have taken advantage of this opportunity have thereby been assisted to vest their property with legal status. Those who have chosen to remain in violation and have shunned opportunities to regularise their status cannot argue from sentiment when enforcement actions are taken.”

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