Wednesday, January 6, 2021

OPINION: We don't want the politics of Defamation and Propaganda in Kaduna, we want the politics of Empowerment and Good Governance, By Magaji Emmanuel

The polity in Kaduna State is beginning to get heated as the year 2023 draws closer. Some Politicians are using the politics of empowerment, while some are using the politics of good governance in order to capture the hearts of the masses, which is a welcomed development. 

The sad part about the whole thing is that there are some set of Politicians, who instead of using the politics of good governance and empowerment, to outshine their Political opponents, they prefer to use the politics of propaganda and defamation in order to tarnish their image. 

We don't want that kind of Politics in Kaduna State, it yields no good fruits. If you can't counter your Political opponents with good Governance, empowerments and all, kindly sheathe your sword and allow those who are willing to do so to carry on. 

The part i dislike about the whole thing is that the Youth are the ones who are being used to carry out the dirty jobs. The same youths who are hungry and unemployed, the same youths whose leaders have not been able to provide jobs, the same youths who are supposed to question the leaders they have elected, who have been on the throne for years with nothing tangible to show. The same Youths are the ones that are being used to publish propaganda in order to defame Political opponents. 

Dear Kaduna Youths, our mumu never do? It's unfortunate that some of you are working tirelessly to retain leaders who have been on the throne with nothing to show. They outsmart us by playing mind games which we always fall for. It's either they divide us along ethno - religious lines, Political party differences, or they cook up propagandas against their opponents and sell it to us. 
Where is our education? Where is our civility? We allow Leaders with little or no achievements to keep toying with us, yet we think we are educated. 

We claim we want good Governance, we claim we want empowerment, but all i see is a bunch of youths who loves the politics of defamation and propaganda. The moment something comes to the social media space, we jump into posting it without hearing from both sides. Everyone wants to trend. Everyone wants to be seen as the one with superior Opinions. Everyone wants to post something that'll attract comments on their Facebook post. We are so in love with trends, especially when it has something to do with defamation and propaganda. 
You don't retweet or post when a Politician does something good, but the moment there is a propaganda against such person, you are the first to post it. Isn't it obvious that you are becoming an agent of defamation? Isn't it obvious that you are no longer interested in progressive reports? Isn't it obvious that you are nothing but a clout chaser? Some of you have turned your criticisms to hatred, which is very unhealthy. 

What we need in Kaduna State is the politics of Good Governance and Empowerment, not defamation and propaganda. 
When there is a healthy competition amongst our Politicians, we'll be the ones at the benefitting end. When they compete, using empowerment and good Governance, we'll be the ones to benefit. All we need to do is to set a healthy competition and watch as they try their best to please us. 
But if we continue to entertain the politics of defamation and propaganda, there'll be no progress. They'll fail us and use propaganda against their opponents to gain our votes. A word they say is enough for the wise.

Few weeks ago, Hon. Isa Ashiru was dragged on Kaduna social media Community for a post he knew nothing about. The same people who turned blind eyes and deaf ears when he donated cash to Southern Kaduna IDPs were the ones who took to their social media accounts to tarnish his image for wishing Kaduna Christians Happy Holidays, instead of merry Christmas, without making their findings. 
The one that is currently trending is the one between Hon. Ekene and Benjamin Aliben, the guy who posted series of defamatory posts against him. 
Most of the people who posted the photo of Benjamin kneeling down, saying all sorts of things against Ekene, has never posted a photo of Honourable Ekene Adam's empowerment, because that's not what they are after. 
They feed on propaganda and Defamation. Knowingly or unknowingly, they are no longer after progressive reports. All they want is for a leader to a make mistake for them to capitalize on it in order to attract comments on their posts. 

I had to make my findings on what really happened, i was told that the Benjamin Aliben went to Honourable Ekene Adam's office to apologise after making series of defamatory posts against him, the honourable was not there. So when he returned, he was informed that Benjamin came, he then summoned for him. No one forced him to kneel down and apologized, he did it on his own, as his way of showing respect to an elder. It was obvious in the photo that he wasn't under duress. He was smiling on the photo and was the first person to post it, which was the reason it went viral. But people were quick to jump into conclusion, which I'm not surprised. It's normal. It's politics. People always look for an opportunity to tarnish the image of a Politician, more reason why you should try your best not to give them one. 

The question here is, who is perfect? The mistake we always make is that we think there is a perfect aspirant somewhere, waiting to be discovered and elected. That person doesn't exist. All we need is someone that'll do what he/she is elected to do. Failure to do that, we kick he/she out, instead of harboring leaders who have failed over and over again in the name of the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know. 

A lot of Kaduna State politicians who have failed their Constituents, are currently occupying Political offices, simply because they successfully divided the people along ethno-religious lines, party differences and all sorts of sentiments. They have succeeded in making us to turn some Political parties to Religions. We don't care whether the candidate is worthy to be elected or re-elected, as long he/she is in our Political party, he gets automatic election. 
If we continue to do things this way, there'll be no Progress. 

I saw a post Hon. Ekene Adams made challenging anyone who has proof that he forced Benjamin Aliben to kneel down and apologies, to forward it and be rewarded. He went further to say that instead of them using the politics of defamation and propaganda to bring him down, they should outshine him by empowering the masses and delivering good Governance. 

That is exactly what we want. I was excited when i saw the news of Hon. Yakubu Umar Barde donating one million Naira to the best graduating medical student. I was also excited when i saw his new year message, where he said they'll be more engaging this year, as they'll create empowerment programs for the youth and women. I was like this is what we want, healthy competition. I was happy for Chikun/Kajuru Constituency. Cause when there is a healthy competition, the masses are the ones that'll benefit. 

I became sad when i later saw series of posts circulating on social media, defaming Hon. Ekene Adams, promoted by the supporters of his opponents. It broke my heart, cause whether we admit it or not, Hon. Ekene Adams has helped a lot of people more than some Politicians who are occupying Political offices. Some of you said it's all Politics. Even if it was, it's still a welcomed development. It's not a crime for a Politician to be a philanthropist. There are many of them in every part of the world.  Yes Hon. Ekene Adams has his shortcomings. We all do. Nobody is perfect. More reason why we shouldn't expect perfection from anyone. If you've never applauded someone for the good things he has been doing, if you insult him for the one time you think he has a failed, you are not a critic you are a hater. 

Yes there is freedom of speech, but at thesame time we should be mindful of what we say or post. There is difference between constructive criticisms and defamation. If you want a responsible leader, you should also be a responsible follower. Be the change you want to see. 

Let me end this article by stating that you don't need to trust an aspirant, all you have to do is to give him a chance and if the person fails to deliver, kick him out. 
By so doing, it'll ignite fear in our leaders, who'll make sure they work tirelessly in order to deliver their mandates, for them to be re-elected.
Let's eliminate the habit of re-electing failed leaders, let them work for it.

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