Thursday, January 14, 2021

OPINION: That Funny Press Release By Garba Shehu On Bishop Kukah, By Bodam Vincent

That press release by Garba Shehu, which in essence means it's coming from the Government is one of the funniest press release I have seen. It has reduced the government to nothing but a crass theocratic regime. 

By responding to a seemingly harmless Christmas message by the revered Bishop of sokoto, when faceless and hitherto unknown  Muslim groups are blowing hot air, the govt of Muhammadu Buhari has therefore aligned itself with religious bigots. It tried to hide behind 'protecting' the Bishop when in fact they are exposing him to danger of religious harrassment which could be fatal, God forbid. Little wonder, the DSS released a statement claiming that some people were planning a religious uprising. The picture is becoming clearer. 

How can one explain the part that claimed the Bishop 'offended' most of them in the press release. Is that not an indictment and an invitation to wit? 

No! Garba Shehu No! 

This is not a theocracy but a democracy with the tenet of freedom of speech. After all, we have seen worse comments from leaders of thought. This government is trying to hide behind the political shadow to deal a religious blow on the bishop. 

The catholic church must step up and do the needful by deploying the Bishop elsewhere because his life is clearly in danger! How can a responsible government subtly infer that living in sokoto is a privilege for the Bishop? Is sokoto better than Kaduna where he hails from? Or is living anywhere in the country a privilege for some Nigerians. This govt has acted in a most shameful and disgusting manner in this matter!

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