Sunday, January 3, 2021

OPINION: The Scam Called Empowerment by Hon. Ekene - Benjamin Aliben Christopher

Recently, social media went agog with the news that Hon. Ekene Adams will be rolling out empowerment programs across two local governments (Chikun and Kajuru respectively). Ordinarily, one will be excited hearing this news, simply because, it’s the best way to actually start the year. Knowing fully well it is your people that will be empowered at the end of the day.
I chose not to be carried away by the too much publicity and praise singing by mostly his apologists and decided to wait and see if truly the program is going to match the kind of praise singing it got.
The day finally came and at exactly 9:45am, my phone rang and a friend of mine called to inform me that the Hon. Ekene empowerment program has commenced and that I should come and see for myself the kind of crowd he gathered (Which out rightly contradicts the safety protocol of Covid-19 preached by the government) and things he intend to share, including Cars. I took my bath and eventually went there to be a witness to his benevolence to the people.
As soon as it was time for the empowerment to commence, the event that followed was so disappointing. The way and manner Hon. Ekene and his cronies decided to treat our parents especially the aged mothers  was wicked, inhuman, dishonest and lacks transparency. After assembling women from across the two local governments (as they will have people believe), they all came in their numbers, stood under the scorch of the sun, some of them without a place to sit all in the name of waiting to be empowered. Only to watch as they displayed sham in public in the name of empowerment.
What baffles me the most was how his apologists decided to paint it on social media labeling it as empowerment of 220 people!  The beneficiaries were mostly friends, family members and close allies and if you add up that number, will give you not up to 40 people. They want to make the public believe it will be a continuous program but the truth of the matter is only time will tell.
Yesterday’s event was never an empowerment program, as paraded to make people believe instead in the real sense of it; it was a game (like the normal bet9ja or Baba ijebu), put together by Hon. Ekene Adams and his benefactors to lure people, deceive them and then make innocent people watch under the scorch of the sun as he rewards his loyalist, and friends. 
After everything I witness yesterday, I wonder how this people (Hon. Ekene and friends) will comfortably go home and sleep after exposing people to the excruciating pain of standing under the sun for hours, aged mothers exposed to Covid-19, who are mostly vulnerable to the virus and  end up disappointing them. I will be watching closely to see how events unfold.

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