Saturday, January 30, 2021

OPINION: No political party is a religion, my southern kaduna people, let's change the narrative, By Solomon Ado Yani

Truth they say is better but does the sweet taste of lies last forever? Certainly not.
My submission here might not just be bitter, but also with a little of soar taste. Perhaps some shenanigans have been tolerated for too long. 

The southern kaduna politics is perhaps a unique ball game entirely from the conventional politics obtainable through out the north, a case of my entire eggs should be in one basket. Too bad, what if a tanker driver drives through your basket of eggs? 
More disturbing of the situation is the stigmatization of any of her indigene who begs to differ. Must our ideologies be the same?

I initially created your indulgence that my submission won't be sweet so please forgive me, i will walk along that part for a while, we've been fooled for too long. They act like they care about us, they make us think they love us, let's see if they do. 

The 2019 elections left so many questions unanswered, notable among them is why Ahmed makarfi, Nenadi Usman, Namadi Sambo, Ramalan Yaro, Othman Hunkuyi and the PDP governorship candidate Ashiru Kudan could not deliver their various local governments for the party (PDP), is there more than the eyes can see? Certainly someone is been fooled here,  but who is the foolor and who is the foolee? Don't even know if such words exists. 

Is southern kaduna more PDP than these big wigs mentioned above, can the entirety of southern kaduna boast of benefiting 1/10 of what those political gods mentioned have benefited from the PDP? your answer is as good as mine, why then do we hold to it like a birthmark on our skin?

Change the narrative dear southern kaduna, PDP is not a religion, learn the politics in its truest sense, be like the knight that moves differently than any other piece in a game of chess, remember your unpredictable nature is a strength, be a chameleon, maybe that explains better. 

Permit me to end this piece with this question, what are the visible projects and benefits from the PDP 16years of governance in southern kaduna with the massive support they got from the region? 
In case you missed out on the entire piece, all am trying to say is PDP is not a religion in southern Kaduna.

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