Thursday, January 28, 2021

OPINION: Mr La is a God sent to the people of Kaduna Central, By Maxwell Gyas

As a lover, follower and keen observer of Hon. Lawal Adamu (Mr. La) benevolence to the great and beautiful people of Kaduna Central, one can easily conclude that He is a God sent to his people. It is generally said that, you can’t give what you don’t have and Leadership skills is either inherent in man or acquire via training.
However, Hon. Lawal Adamu has displayed in so many instances that his leadership ability is innate. That is why Mr. La has been able to touch so many lives across the state (especially Kaduna central), both young and old through his foundation, (Mr. La cares foundation) 
Mr. La has shown love and compassion so many times, especially when in recent weeks an incident occur in zaria of traders whose shops were demolished and their source of livelihood destroyed. Mr. La decided to visit them when he saw the video of one of the woman trending on social media. After watching the touching scene in the trending video, he set out to zaria to the scene and dole out 1.5 million to the victims (almost 15 0f them) to start up their business once again. That is a Leader with empathy.
In addition, this benevolent spirit and show of Leadership was shown recently when Mr. La visited Chikun Local Government on a condolence visit to Narayi ward to commiserate with the family of Mr. Gandu who lost their mother, in his usual nature, after condoling the family, Mr. La gave the family the sum of 100,000 and promise to look into the education of some of her children who are still in school, he also promise to help some of the graduate in the house secure jobs when the opportunity provided itself.
Also, weeks back, an incident of bandits attack at rigassa occured where many loss their lives while others sustain different degrees of injuries, on hearing that Mr. La went to the community where the barbaric act happened and commiserate with members of the families that lost loved ones. Afterwards, he then went to the hospital, greeted all the injured victims, gave them cash gift and also paid for their medical bills.
Mr. La is a man known all over Kaduna state because of his leadership trait, charisma, humility, detribalized nature and party faithfulness. That was why during the last election, the people of Kaduna central overwhelmingly voted for him but because the government of the day chose the path of injustice they decided to steal the election. That has not in any way deterred his resilient spirit as he has continue to be calm and wait for God’s time and the time is 2023. God bless Mr. La, our mandate come 2023. Mr. La, Mai Alheri!

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