Tuesday, January 5, 2021

OPINION: LOYALTY AND SERVICE: Rethinking The Person Of Samuel Aruwan In The Administration Of Governor El-Rufai, By Noel M. Buki

Trust, they say is a burden, but come, what about loyalty?
A lot of energy and dedication men use to keep this life going; and no one, most times, except the actor feels the weight. Loyalty isn’t easy to behold in a world with turbulent human relationships.
Loyalty is the act of being allegiant and dedicated to a person or cause. It is also considered as a personal philosophy that generates and exhibit devotion, faithfulness and deep association to that which has decided to embrace. In his book, ‘The Philosophy of Loyalty’, the philosopher Josiah Royce rates loyalty as a primary virtue, stating that it is “the heart of all virtues, central duty amongst all the duties.”  Defining it, he stated, “The willing and practical and thoroughgoing devotion of a person to a cause”. It was difficult reading through this definition without thinking of Mr Samuel Aruwan.
How they met, how they knew each other and how the governor got him to come on board and serve, that i don’t know, but one thing I know is that having someone like Samuel Aruwan to work in his administration, is one of the best decisions our dear governor is proud to have made.
Even though he was enjoying his work with the Blueprint Newspaper Limited, he accepted to serve as the spokesperson to the governor during his campaigns for the 2015 elections. After a job well done, he was called to a higher office as the Special Assistant to the Governor (media and publicity) and the spokesperson to the elected governor, His Excellency Mall. Nasir El-Rufai. He was later promoted Senior Special Assistant (media and publicity). He continued with the good work in the 2019 elections that saw the re-election of the governor. 
No one convincingly gets promoted unless he has done impressively well; no one is carried along, except the one that is loyal. Mr Samuel has been practical with the words of Mark Twain: “Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to government when it deserves it.”
My late dad, Michael Maigari Buki, then as a coordinator to the Sen. Nenadi campaign team, said to me during a discussion, that one of the most difficult and risky job to do in politics is being a spokesperson to a politician or an administration, especially the one not fully supported by your people. Only men with high sense of loyalty stand to the end. For Mr. Samuel to thrive, grow and pass through this kind of scenario to the level of Commissioner for internal security, at a time that insecurity is a huge challenge to not the state alone but the whole country; and still remain dedicated and active, must have been driven by a kind of love for service and loyalty bathed by the gods (hahaha). The truth is, when one is trusted, dedication and loyalty is expected. Only men with good heart know this.
I have sat in public places and have heard with dismay how people ridiculed and insulted the person of Samuel. There are those who feel he should have left the government, for others, he isn’t doing well at his job, to some; he is APC as such they don’t like him; for some, they don’t like his boss, why should they like Sam? And while others feel he does not love ‘his people’. I guess that there are those who told him to his face to quit or even insulted him. Well, amidst these, he kept serving his people well and remains loyal to his boss. Martin Luther King Jnr once said “Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved”. If I must say, Sam can’t walk away from a government he believes is doing well and planning well for his people, neither will he walk away from the person who trusts him, believes in what he has, what he is offering and what he can offer.
Meanwhile, the speed, energy and emotions that drive Mr Samuel to avert, curtail and stop the evils causing insecurity in this state is remarkable. Most times we find him at the scene of the crime to commiserate and see for himself the extend of the act of crime, not minding the possibility of physical rendering of insults or the possibility of stone throwing from the aggrieved persons. He gets to do his job for his people wholeheartedly and he never stops nor wavers.
As much as he is doing everything needed to get his job well done, one is also stroked by his neutrality, sincerity and loyalty. A distant relation of his told me that Samuel isn’t just displaying these qualities for the sake of today or the office; he said Mr. Samuel has been that kind of person since childhood.  
It is eminent for us to understand that even though Mr Samuel serves the people through his office, he can’t act outside the governing principles and policy-achieving steps tabled by the boss. He must abide by the ethics acceptable by the administration. He was not elected, the elected appointed him to help achieve the goals of the present administration. The administration has its let down procedures of achieving those goals; Samuel must act within and according to those procedures. Loyalty demands one to embrace the ideals of the one who called.
Needful to say, a person with such an amazing quality of loyalty should be a friend and leader to keep close. What we lack in Nigerian politics are more actors who can be dedicated to the course of a better life for their people; those who can be loyal to the promises they made and to the basic needs of the people. Some of politicians do promise to build bridges where there are no rivers and we still stick to them, even with our baskets of our lamentations and pains. Here is one who is exhibiting exceptional qualities fit for leadership, it is he that we are overlooking and ridiculing day by day. It was Pontianus, the ancient Roman politician who once said “If I am loyal to the call of one, then I can be loyal to the call of many”. We should not wait for good people to join a politics; we go get them on board. I personally admire Bro Samuel’s show of loyalty and dedication to duty and it will hurt me to see him off the public space after this administration; it should hurt you too, his kind is rare. 
Dear SK, Mario Puzo will say, “The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, it is loyalty to each other”.  All parties involved, think SK!
We the youths must learn this exemplary principle of action and philosophy that one of us is showcasing; not only in politics but in every sphere of life. There should be loyalty to family, to friends, to the labour of our hands and to God; then dedication to the course that will improve the aforementioned.
The system we find ourselves may not be working as we want it, walking away or casting stones doesn’t fix it, rather, we stay, remain optimistic and loyal until we get a voice to be heard, space to act and a seat to sit and fix things. 
As I read from a friend’s post on Facebook, that the governor was alleged to have said to some youths who paid him a courtesy visit some months ago, “I am the governor, but Samuel is the senior governor”. Only sincere loyalty and absolute dedication to duty earns one that kind of remark. I come in peace.

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