Tuesday, January 19, 2021

OPINION: Kaduna state has become the most dangerous state to live or travel pass in Nigeria - Steven Kefas

Whoever cares to listen should listen attentively.

Kaduna state has become the most dangerous state to live or travel pass in Nigeria today, overtaking the dreaded state of Borno in terms of insecurity.

Kidnappings, killings, occupation of native ancestral lands/communities by armed terrorists continue unabated with utmost impunity.

All these menaces are getting worse despite the creation of a ministry of internal security where am sure huge resources are being expended with little or no results to show at least going by the recent wave of attacks, kidnappings and other violent crimes across the state.

In 2020 alone 900 million naira was paid as ransom by Southern Kaduna Indigenes according to SOKAPU, that is almost a billion naira paid to terrorists.

People are still living in fear, Abuja/Kaduna express way remains unpassable by motorists, those who attempt to pass risked being kidnapped for ransoms and sometimes do not return alive.

Just on Sunday a Professor in ABU was Kidnapped and his son killed by his abductors. Few months ago, a local government caretaker Chairman was Kidnapped and ended up spending over three weeks in captivity before ransom was paid.

We cannot continue to pretend that all is well when we have thousands fmof IDPs in Chikun, Kajuru and Zangon Kataf Local government Areas, we cannot keep quiet when Kidnapping is now the order of the day in Kajuru, Chikun and Jema'a.

We cannot be mute when the throne of the Late Agom Adara remains empty with little or nothing being heard about his abductors and killers.

A year ago, a first class Emir, HRH the Emir of Postiskum was attacked and some of his staffs killed few days ago along Zaria express way, he himself narrowly escaped death, narrating his ordeal the aged monarch said he had to trek for about two hours in the forest before finding his way back to the town.

This is not the Kaduna of our dream, this is not the Kaduna our forefathers bequeathed to us and am very sure this is not the Kaduna we want to bequeath to our children.

You can chose to be indifferent, neutral or sit on the fence amidst these atrocities cum crimes against humanity but one thing is certain, it will only take time before it gets to all of us and our families.

Initially these terrorists only operate in our villages but today they have the effrontery to operate in our towns such as Mando, Karji, Mararaba Rido etc, if this do not give you and I concern then nothing will.

May God deliver Kaduna from the hands of terrorists and their accomplices.

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