Friday, January 1, 2021

OPINION: It is important to note and respect the fact that we can not all be in the same Political party, until we get this right we'll continue to be in the fantasy of our emotions, By Emmanuel Saiza

It is important to state that we cannot all be in same platform, some belong to the leftists, others rightists, even the moderates or rather the conservatives. Until we get this right, we are still in the fantasy of our emotions.

The choice of political party to express one's aspiration is as important as the aspiration itself. Such a decision should not confine an aspirant to party A or party B, especially in a multiparty democracy like Nigeria. 

Given the number of alternative platforms for an aspirant to express his or her democratic right, instead of overheating the polity with threats and undemocratic mechanism, it is better we broaden and deepen democracy at all levels through an opened space for popular participation. This too requires INEC to firmly take cognisance the need for periodic review of the registration status, funding and management of political party in Nigeria.

For young and aspiring actors in the political space, greater attention should be given to the amendment of the Electoral Act of 2015. More so, the pressing calls for diaspora votes. This simply demands express exercise of democratic right of Nigerians in the diaspora in deciding who governs them and to guarantee independent candidature.

One thing is certain, the ideology of the political party beside other considerations should to a greater extent be the key determinant on which political party worth one's resourcefulness and sacrifices/or otherwise. Most unfortunately in Nigeria, it seems the political parties only stress on ideology when soliciting for votes from the electorate, or at best showcases only in their manifestoes but lacks in potency to drive their visions and aspirations of their citizens. This boils down to our political culture which more than canvassing for votes, needs our individual and collective adjustment.

I am of the feeling and conviction that, the next general elections would witness an unprecedented eruption of young aspirants vying for public offices at state and federal levels. The work of educating and orienting electorate, leaders of political parties as well as the prospective aspirants by INEC, NOA and all their partners starts now, than later.

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