Friday, January 29, 2021

OPINION: Hon. Ayuba Chawazah will break the jinx and return as a two term member because of his benevolence, By Silas Jerry Tanko

Chikun Constituency is a constituency that prides itself as a one that is strategically located in Kaduna central and blessed with a cosmopolitan society that makes it competitive, engaging and very diverse. It is these unique characteristics that always make it hard for any member representing us at the State House of Assembly to get it on a first start.
Many members(State House Assembly Members) have come and tried yet failed monumentally because, first, they failed to embrace the unique nature of the society, secondly, the refused to be more proactive to the problems bedeviling us as a constituency and tend to be reactive after getting out of control and it is on that note that most of them ends up as one tenure House of Assembly members.
But I now see a unique leader with a different approach who decides to do things differently. I can see a man that understands the problem, ready to work with his people and most importantly, he has chosen to embrace everyone as long as you are for the development of his constituency.
Hon. Ayuba Chawazah is truly the Leader this constituency have long been waiting for, his vision, approach to issues and leadership style is more proactive than reactive. He listens more and talks less, in most cases his works speaks more loudly. A man determined to turn around the fortunes of this great constituency.
Chikun constituency has had for the first time, member that has taken the Youths more serious and have them as the center piece of his vision which is one of his agenda. Discharging his duties to his people in a record time and empowering women in a way never witness in this constituency. The very reason Hon. Ayuba Chawazah will break the jinx and return as a two term member. An attempt that is looking more assured every day. The naysayers will always say that is a tall dream and impossible but only time will tell.
May God Help our Principal

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