Monday, January 11, 2021

OPINION: Dear People Of Southern Kaduna, let's give peace a chance, By Haruna Abdulrazak

My great people of southern kaduna of diverse entity and culture. l will like to plead with everyone to give peace a chance in our great region, which is incomparable to any region in all ramifications.

We the masses of this region should have a rethink of years or even centuries back of peaceful coexistence among our people.

Today, all we see is unwanted killings of innocent souls of our people, irespective of ethnic, religious or political affiliations, why?

My understanding of this great region is that it has problem that is common among the masses either ways, ranging from poverty, bad infrastructure, unemployment, illiteracy and a host of others. We are supposed to unite to fight the issues facing us, instead of fighting one another. 

A region that can't boast of a single meaningful industry, factory or even a well established government agency, is on each other's neck, instead of fighting our common enemy. 

Be you a Fulani, Kataf, Bajju , Kagoro, Jabba, Adara, Ikullu, Kagoma, we are all faced with issues such as poverty, bad roads, poor hospitals, insecurity, but all we think of is to kill one another? What a shame from our poor masses.

My people, have you ever cared to asked what have our elites done to us as a region rather than instigations, for us to kill ourselves? 
Their children are well kept, attends the best schools, working in some of the best agencies, yet we sing their praises.

My people, let's have a rethink. This elites are benefiting from our inability to think and act as humans that deserves better treatment.

The killing taking place in southern kaduna is purely economical for some few "Elite's"and it's never a religious one, but only been carried out in the name of religion to hide under the auspices of religion to continue their evil dominance. Let's please be wise.

My fellow people of southern kaduna, let us come together for our common good, make our region great, peaceful and happy again. My Name is Haruna Abdulrazak from zango kataf Local Government. I come in peace.

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