Friday, January 29, 2021

OPINION: Chikun is a Cosmopolitan Constituency, the Gbagyis should respect that by treating everyone equally, By Julius Balla Dalla

I want to share a story of what happened to me in 2019 in Chikun Local Government Secretariat. I'm a citizen of Kaduna State, bajju by tribe.
I reside in Sabon Tasha, Chikun Local Government. 
I needed Chikun  indegene Form since i stay in Chikun and I'm also a citizen of Nigeria and an indegene of kaduna state. In reaching the secretariat, to  my surprise i was denied the form because of tribalism.
The first question the woman on sit asked me was what tribe am i? I said bajju. The woman said they only give indigene form to Gbagyis and adara natives, adding that they can only give me residential permit. I became furious. Just when i was about to go she said to me she can help me but I should pay 7k with a condition that i should hide the form for other staff in the next office not to see. I was angry so i left. 

My Chikun kabilus, we live in Chikun, vote in Chikun, pay taxes in Chikun, but because of tribalism we are being denied what belongs to us. 
The Gbagyis should understand that no one is trying to take their land from them. Chikun is a cosmopolitan Constituency. It's either they respect that by treating everyone in an equal manner or we the Kabilus will do the needful come 2023, by mobilising and voting in favour of our fellow Kabilus. Enough is enough!

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