Sunday, January 17, 2021

OPINION: 220 people will benefit from Ekene Adams empowerment, i challenge Barde to come up with something bigger - Julius Balla Dalla

I'm just curious about the man holding the mandate of Chikun/Kajuru federal constituency house of representatives, Hon. Umar Barde Yakubu popularly known as No Shaking. 
Barde has been in politics for long. 
1995-1996- Councillor gwagwada ward. 
1996 Vice Chairman. 
1996-1998- Chairman Chikun. 
2003 to date member house of representatives. 
Here comes my Questions. (1). How many bills did Barde Sponsored since 2003 ? 
2. What happened to Chikun/Kajuru constituency project allowances since 2003?
3. How many people have gotten jobs under Barde, i need numbers and where they work? 
4. How many people has he Empowered in Chikun/Kajuru since 2003 to date. 
5. How many roads, schools, clinics, etc I need numbers and names of wards. 
6. The so-called gbagyi people, how many of them has he Empowered? 

I challenge Barde and his media team to answer this few questions. If they can not answer me that means Barde has failed the people of Chikun/Kajuru from 2003 till date. 
The Kabilus and the Hausa Fulanis decides the votes of Chikun /Kajuru not the gbagyis. 
Chikun/Kajuru sit is not gbagyi's inheritance. Capital No. By 2023 Barde will be 20years in the house of representatives. 
His investment is in kaduna south not Chikun/Kajuru. 
His house is in Barnawa kaduna south. 

Is Barde an APC member in disguise?  Because I have never for once heard or seen where he criticized APC's government which he is an opposition, or is there something we don't know?

Ekene Adams empowerment is going on in Chikun/Kajuru where 220 people will be Empowered. I challenge Barde to come out with something bigger than what Ekene Adams is doing. 

My dear people of Chikun/Kajuru, our mumu don do. Party is not religion. Ekene Adams, come and rescue Chikun/Kajuru.

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