Sunday, January 3, 2021

OP-ED: We will be more engaging in 2021, we'll facilitate empowerment programs that will target Women and Youth in our Constituency - Hon. Yakubu Umar Barde

I celebrate and rejoice with my people, the very people that have given me their unflinching support and loyalty for the past 17years and counting, the people of Chikun/Kajuru. I salute your courage, tenacity and perseverance. 2020, has been a challenging year for everyone but we have made it thus far. They say what didn’t kill you, makes you stronger and 2021 will make us even stronger.
We all entered 2020, with so much optimism and hope for a great year, but our country, our dear state Kaduna and particularly our dearest constituency (Chikun/Kajuru) was bedeviled with  so much insecurity challenges and the worst of it the dreaded Covid 19 pandemic, which crippled the economy of our country and our state.
Our Constituency was faced with so much security challenges that some wards in Chikun and Kajuru were literally living in fear, kidnapping became the order of the day, farmers couldn’t go to their farms and people abandoned their homes for fear of attacks. We did our possible best to bring our problem to the federal government at the house. Continously we never relent on our effort to make sure normalcy was restored to these communities.
In the midst of all this, then came COVID, a virus that shut the whole world down, crippled the world economy and rendered millions of people jobless, especially here in our constituency. As your Leader, I want to confirm to you that this virus is real, because I was a victim and I know from experience how lethal it can be. Now that there is a renewed wave of the virus, we are expected to adhere strictly to the COVID-19 protocols.
Dear compatriots, as we continue to engage the government on the need to bring proper and effective security, I urge us all to be security cautious and be vigilant as we cannot be guaranteed total safety by the government alone Let’s try and adopt community vigilante because it will go a long way in safeguarding our lives and property. To those who lost their loved ones, property and source of livelihood, my heart go out to you all.
As we go about our duties in this new wave of COVID-19, we owe ourselves the eternal duty- not just the Government ; to always wash our hands ; wear face mask; avoid crowded places and comply with the protocols that have been issued to stop the spread of the pandemic.
As we mark a New Year (2021), it is my utmost joy to welcome us all. My prayer is that, we will all witness a glorious year, fruitful and not to forget, to always allow love reign supreme amongst us because God is Love. I promised to continue to do my best and represent you even better. Going forward in 2021, we will be more engaging, facilitate empowerment programs that will target Women and Youth in our Constituency and also focusing on my legislative duties. 
Have a fulfilled 2021.

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