Thursday, January 7, 2021

If we plan to use our numerical strength in the 2023 elections, it shouldn't be seen divergently as creation of crisis but interest for true representation, Kabillu Youth Movement replies Gbagyi Youths Progressive Union

A group under the aegis of Kabillu Youth Movement (KYN), had in a statement stated that they read with utter dismay frivolous campaign of calumny launched against Kabillus in Chikun Local Government Area and Mr Ben Dalhat Kure, the Special Adviser on Political Matter to his Excellency, Mallam Nasir Elrufai, by the Gbagyi Youths Progressive Union, titled "HON. BEN KURE GOOFED"

It would be recalled that the Gbagyi Youths Progressive Union (GYPU), had in a statement signed by its Chairman, Comr. Ibrahim Ayuba Wadason, accused Hon. Ben Kure, the special adviser Political matters to His Excellency Mallam Nasir El-rufai, of siding with the Kabilus. They added that Mr Ben Kure had on new year Eve stated that from available statistics, other tribes form about seventy percent of the population in Chikun Local Government Area, hence the need to coordinate them and ensure they use the numerical strength to their advantage, urging the electorates to give the Kabillus the opportunity to provide leadership at the House of Assembly, House of Representatives and also the Local Government Area since they have the majority number. 
The group however, stated that the statement made by Ben Kure, stating that non Gbagyi constitutes 70% of the Local Government is untrue, unfounded, baseless and maybe a trigger to an unending rivalry and crisis in Chikun. 

Reacting to the statement, Kabilu Youth forum (KYF) stated that, "It's worthy to note that such statement never emanated from Mr Ben Kure. He only spoke in affirmation to what the Kabillus presented. The statement credited to GYPU circulating in public domain is the usual contempt by two power mongers who swore to smear the reputable image of the Political Adviser and the two time Campaign Director General to His Excellency, Mallam Nasir Elrufai. 
The duo, Hon. Adamu Mikai and Hon. Marcus Yari who are yet to come in terms with their failed quest in their political sojourn as Local Government Chairman and House of Representative member are behind the malicious article hidden under the auspice of GYPU titled "Ben Kure Goofed".
As Political Leaders, they have remained lip sealed while their disciples frolicked around sharing the highly fiticious article laced with ethnocentric bias.
Recently, Ben Dalhatu Kure was instrumental in the decamping reknown PDP politicians in Chikun Local Government; a feat the duo woefully failed to achieve in the past, even as at today.
Rather than support and applaud Mr Ben Dalhatu Kure for his unprecedented political breakthrough in Chikun Local Goverment, they only found it pleasurable to display their envious and treacherous act.
Hirtheto, it's in their bid to remain in good books of their ethnic political Godfather, Rt. Hon. Umar Barde, who at some point offered them financial succor. They know their game better. Yes, the 2019 election and what transpired is a tip; it exposed to us their jingoistic attitude. You do not need to reminded, that they can't be trusted.
The crux! Recall, on 11th of April, 2019; the Governor of Kaduna State through his Twitter handle announced the 'abrogation' of Indigene-Settler dichotomy in Kaduna. Malam Nasir El-Rufai said that by that 'abrogation, anyone residing in the state, irrespective of the person’s religion or ethnicity, would automatically be entitled to anything in the state. The choice is ours.
With this call and with the numerical strength, the die was cast and the Kabillus are now nurturing and fashioning out rightful steps to save Chikun Local Government Area from developmental doldrums. The call will no doubt create competition and we must also view representation and politics from an angle of true representation, good governance and ultimately, service for the sake of humanity. All hands must be on deck for the best to emerge.
The GYPU should know that political parties are not ethnic union groups as such persons with interest to serve joined platforms that gave them the opportunity to participate in electorate processes and not on the dictate or whims and fancies of any Gbagyi Union or Group. Also, constituting EXCOs is an adjudication of a political party leadership and its members and not that Gbagyi Union/Group. We admonish that you quickly correct your unfounded theories of lies and selfish tendencies as exposed.
Chikun has three unifying groups, the Gbagyi's, Hausa/Fulani and  the almost 100 different ethnic groups fondly referred to as Kabillu. If we plan to use our numerical strength in the 2023 elections, it shouldn't be seen divergently as creation of crisis but interest for true representation.
As a matter of urgency, Hon. Adamu Mikai and Hon. Marcus Yari must learn to associate and participate fully in APC activities in Chikun Local Government Area and canvass men of value to our great party.
The Gbagyi's should also begin to accept the unifying groups as partners of progress and members of political platforms as true party men. This will go a long way and serve as a potent medication of their incessant and seemingly anti-developmental, anti-progressive and anti-party syndrome.
Finally, the end will justify the means, the movement says in a statement signed by Samson Maigida.

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