Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Dead Hon. Husseini Dembo is politically heavier than you, Nikyop Youths tells Ben Bako

Our attention has been drawn to a statement credited one Ben Bako, a one time Commissioner of Information in Kaduna wherein he tried to make a villain out of our Hero, Husseini Dembo of blessed memory.

His statement was a reaction to a statement credited to some self appointed youths leaders of Southern Kaduna wherein they threatened  to work against the PDP, a dominant party in Southern Kaduna in order to hurt Sen Danjuma Tella Laah, the Senator Representing Kaduna South Senatorial District.

We wouldn't have had course to meddle into the war of words between Ben Bako on one side and the youths; and Sen Danjuma Laah on the other side if he had not dragged the name of our Hero of blessed memory into the category of political villains in his overzealous and thoughtless rejoinder.

Ben Bako should note that there is no law anywhere in Nigeria that criminalises defection from a political party. As sensitive as religion is in Nigeria, one is at liberty to change his faith. What more of a political party? Ben Bako need to be reminded that Freedom of Association is guaranteed in our Constitution, in case he is not aware of that.

It is the pomposity of people like Ben Bako and their quests to make villains out of the death that probably instigated Governor Mukhtar Ramalan Yero to abandon all projects initiated by Gov Patrict Yakowa of blessed memory. That tactical error pushed people in drove out of the PDP in protest. Result of 2015 general election is a pointer to that.

Lest we forget, as the then Commissioner of Information, when the people of Takad where experiencing brutal attacks from Herdsmen, Ben Bako was readily available to use his office to unilatarally embark on boundary demarcation by annexing Takad land to Plateau State. It is as a result of his silly conduct and gross unprofessionalism  that Dr John Danfulani once described him as the actual character "Benjamin The Donkey" in Animal Farms, a fictional book.

We understand that 2023 is here, people like Ben Bako that are into politics for their pecuniary gains are tempted to think that running their mouths like somebody suffering from Diarrhea of the mouth will make them relevant. He need to understand that life is above that. He has been tried, and found wanting. He performed far below expectation.
He was unable to market the government of Yero which led to the defeat  PDP in 2015. 

Mr BenBako need to note that the PDP is now in opposition, everybody in the party need to channel his or her energy towards fighting the government in power not members of their party or the dead. We have every reason to believe that he can't do that as you can't go to equity with soiled hands. Ben is too filty to call out the present regime; in order to keep himself in circulation, he has resorted to fighting the dead. As he takes the route common to people without conscience, he should note that there are people that are more weighty than him even in death; Hon Husseini Dembo falls in that category.
 "Don't use the name of Late Husseini Dembo to rehabilitate yourself politically"

Finally, in case Ben Bako has forgotten, Hon Dembo didn't join politics as a pauper, as a matter of fact, politics drained him and made him poor. His late father was well to do, he consolidated on it. When all you have is as a result of politics, you are tempted to think that, others are in Politics to emassed wealth. Only those with clean hands can oppose seating government without any fear of repression. Ben can't do that, else, the next morning his atrocities will find him out and transport him to Kaduna Maximum prison. Ben Bako should Shut the Hell Up and Grow Up, the group said, in a statement made available to Kaduna Political Affairs, signed by Bamas Ayuba and Baton Wamod. 

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