Monday, January 25, 2021

Christians, Muslims Unite, As Hon. Ekene Adam's Empowerment Program Hits Kakau, Nassarawa, Sabon Gari Wards

It was a moment of Joy and Unity, at the second Phase of Hon. Ekene Adams Empowerment Program, which took place at Nassarawa, Kakau and Sabon Gari Wards of Chikun Local Government Area. 
In his opening remarks, Hon. Ekene Adams said, "I'm pleased to see people from different Religions and ethnic groups peacefully coexisting." 
"If we continue to peacefully coexist, i assure you that there'll be development in our Local Government and the state at Large. 
"I can see Muslims and Christians happily sitting together. It is obvious that the Empowerment Program has not only succeeded in empowering the masses, it has also succeeded in fostering unity." 
He urged the people to stop allowing Politicians to divide them along ethno-religious lines for their selfish interests. Adding that no Political party is a religion, therefore none should be treated like one. He advised the people to vote leaders who have the masses at heart, not those who'll appear only during elections to divide people along ethno-religious lines in order to have their way. He added that though his visit wasn't for Political reasons, but it's important for the people to be enlightened in order for them to make the right choices when choosing their representatives. 
He urged those who are yet to Join the All Progressives Congress, APC, to do so as a matter of urgency in order to prepare for the forthcoming elections.

Highlight of the event was when Sakina Abdullahi, a pregnant Fulani native, said she'll name her son after Hon. Ekene Adams, if she delivers a baby boy. 
The Honourable who swiftly responded, ordered his team to give her 20 thousand Naira in order to boost her charcoal business, while giving her extra 30 thousand Naira to take care of her unborn child after delivery. 
Margaret Bitrus, a native of Atakar, who sells Burkutu, was also giving a grinding machine, and 50 thousand Naira to start a decent business. 
"Mama didn't get Yes during our raffle draw, i saw her and God instructed me to assist her regardless. I asked her what she does in order to assist her and she said she sells burkutu. I told her that i don't empower Burkutu sellers, but if there is anything else she'd like to do, I'll assist her to achieve it. Then she said she wants a cleaning job. But mama won't be a cleaner. I'm giving her one grinding machine, so that she'll station it at her frontage in order to be making money on daily basis, and I'll add 50 thousand Naira, so that she'll use it to go in to petty trading," he said.

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