Sunday, January 31, 2021

Kaduna State Government approves 1st of February 2021 as resumption date for SS3, JSS3 and JSS1 for public and private schools

The Kaduna State Government wishes to inform the public that after extensive appraisal of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in the State and series of consultations with relevant stakeholders of both State and Federal Health and Education sectors within and across the State,  Monday, 1st of February 2021 has been approved as resumption date for SS3, JSS3 and JSS1 for public and private schools.
Government has also approved Primary 6, 5 and 4 of Private Schools only, to resume on the same day. All public Primary Schools remain closed until all the Covid-19 protocols have been properly put in place before they will be opened.
In view of this, the Kaduna State Ministry of Education is directing all Principals and Head Teachers to make arrangements to receive Boarding and Day students of the above stated classes on Monday, 1st February 2021. 
However, the State Covid-19 Task Force will continue to monitor all schools to ensure safe learning environments against the pandemic in addition to strict adherence to the guidelines issued by the State Government. Thus, all Administrators of public and private schools are to note that, they must comply with all COVID-19 Protocols (Temperature checks at school entrance, compulsory wearing of facemasks, regular hand washing/use of sanitizer and all COVID-19 guidelines as directed by the COVID-19 Taskforce as well as those contained in the State FORWARD Campaign). Any bridge in complying with these protocols may lead to the closure of the affected school without any notice. 
Schools will be on shift to enable them meet with these guidelines as the first shift will run from 08:00am – 12:00noon while the second shift will be from 01:00pm – 05:00pm. The class size should not exceed 20 students per normal class with 1.5m to 2.0m physical distancing, schools must also have COVID-19 Committee which will comprise of the SBMC, PTA, Community representative, Health personnel, Students and Teachers representatives to monitor and ensure compliance. Parents are also advised to provide their children/wards with facemasks and other sanitary items to help in curtailing the spread of the virus.
The State Government is reiterating that all Schools should voluntarily comply and take personal responsibility for their own health and abide by the simple preventive measures as it is the right and safe thing to do.
While the Ministry is assuring the public of continuing the e-learning program using Google classrooms, radio and television stations and other online applications, Administrators of public and private schools are encouraged to adopt blended learning system. 
Appropriate resumption dates for the rest of the classes (SS2, SS1 and JS2 in public and private schools and primary 3, 2, 1 and Nursery classes) will be announced in due course, subject to school’s compliance with guidelines in place.
The Ministry appreciates the cooperation of all stakeholders in the education sector for their continued support and understanding and invites all them to join its various monitoring teams in ensuring safe learning environment for our children.
This directive also covers all Islamiya and Qur’anic Schools in the State, please.
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Saturday, January 30, 2021

OPINION: No political party is a religion, my southern kaduna people, let's change the narrative, By Solomon Ado Yani

Truth they say is better but does the sweet taste of lies last forever? Certainly not.
My submission here might not just be bitter, but also with a little of soar taste. Perhaps some shenanigans have been tolerated for too long. 

The southern kaduna politics is perhaps a unique ball game entirely from the conventional politics obtainable through out the north, a case of my entire eggs should be in one basket. Too bad, what if a tanker driver drives through your basket of eggs? 
More disturbing of the situation is the stigmatization of any of her indigene who begs to differ. Must our ideologies be the same?

I initially created your indulgence that my submission won't be sweet so please forgive me, i will walk along that part for a while, we've been fooled for too long. They act like they care about us, they make us think they love us, let's see if they do. 

The 2019 elections left so many questions unanswered, notable among them is why Ahmed makarfi, Nenadi Usman, Namadi Sambo, Ramalan Yaro, Othman Hunkuyi and the PDP governorship candidate Ashiru Kudan could not deliver their various local governments for the party (PDP), is there more than the eyes can see? Certainly someone is been fooled here,  but who is the foolor and who is the foolee? Don't even know if such words exists. 

Is southern kaduna more PDP than these big wigs mentioned above, can the entirety of southern kaduna boast of benefiting 1/10 of what those political gods mentioned have benefited from the PDP? your answer is as good as mine, why then do we hold to it like a birthmark on our skin?

Change the narrative dear southern kaduna, PDP is not a religion, learn the politics in its truest sense, be like the knight that moves differently than any other piece in a game of chess, remember your unpredictable nature is a strength, be a chameleon, maybe that explains better. 

Permit me to end this piece with this question, what are the visible projects and benefits from the PDP 16years of governance in southern kaduna with the massive support they got from the region? 
In case you missed out on the entire piece, all am trying to say is PDP is not a religion in southern Kaduna.
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Three bandits captured, as Troops rescue kidnapped women in Chikun local government area


Troops under the auspices of Operation Thunder Strike rescued two kidnapped women, close to Gadanin Gwari, Gwagwada District of Chikun local government area. 
According to the operational feedback to the Kaduna State Government, the women were suddenly abducted as they made their way to their farm. The troops on patrol tracked down the criminals and engaged them in a firefight, forcing them to abandon their captives and run for their lives.
After securing the women, the troops pursued the bandits, destroying many bandit camps along the way. The bandits were eventually trapped in Gajina settlement also in Chikun LGA. Three of the kidnappers were apprehended and are now in custody, while the rescued women have returned to their homes.
Furthermore, the troops of Operation Thunder Strike and the newly inducted troops of the Nigerian Army Women Corps have continued aggressive patrols along the Kaduna-Abuja highway. The Patrol was hitch-free, with no incidents recorded as of yesterday, Friday. 
In a separate incident, police personnel rescued two persons who were abducted at Kurmin Idon axis of Kaduna-Kachia Road in Kajuru local government area.  
The police gave the bandits a hot chase and rescued the two victims, while one other victim was able to escape on his own. 
Governor Nasir El-Rufai expressed his satisfaction with the reports, and commended the troops and personnel for their pro-active efforts in rescuing the victims and arresting the three bandits. He tasked them to ensure detailed investigations, and prosecution of the arrested culprits.
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PHOTONEWS: Deputy Governor Hadiza Balarabe, Bala Bantex, others attends All Progressives Congress Zone 3 Stakeholders meeting

Ahead of the membership registration, register update and revalidation exercise of the APC, Kaduna State Deputy Governor, Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe, attended the All Progressives Congress (APC) Zone 3 Stakeholders Engagement Committee meeting, which took place at Choice Hotel, Kafanchan. In attendance were the immediate former Deputy Governor, Barnabas Yusuf Bala, government appointees, as well elected and party officials from the zone.
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Friday, January 29, 2021

OPINION: Chikun is a Cosmopolitan Constituency, the Gbagyis should respect that by treating everyone equally, By Julius Balla Dalla

I want to share a story of what happened to me in 2019 in Chikun Local Government Secretariat. I'm a citizen of Kaduna State, bajju by tribe.
I reside in Sabon Tasha, Chikun Local Government. 
I needed Chikun  indegene Form since i stay in Chikun and I'm also a citizen of Nigeria and an indegene of kaduna state. In reaching the secretariat, to  my surprise i was denied the form because of tribalism.
The first question the woman on sit asked me was what tribe am i? I said bajju. The woman said they only give indigene form to Gbagyis and adara natives, adding that they can only give me residential permit. I became furious. Just when i was about to go she said to me she can help me but I should pay 7k with a condition that i should hide the form for other staff in the next office not to see. I was angry so i left. 

My Chikun kabilus, we live in Chikun, vote in Chikun, pay taxes in Chikun, but because of tribalism we are being denied what belongs to us. 
The Gbagyis should understand that no one is trying to take their land from them. Chikun is a cosmopolitan Constituency. It's either they respect that by treating everyone in an equal manner or we the Kabilus will do the needful come 2023, by mobilising and voting in favour of our fellow Kabilus. Enough is enough!
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Hoodlums Burn Church Pavilion Prepared For Conference In Southern Kaduna

Suspected hoodlums have set ablaze, a pavilion constructed for a church conference in the Zangon Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna State.
The pavilion, which was erected near the palace of a local monarch, Agwatyap, was reportedly for the Evangelical Church Winning All. 
Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, has called for diligent investigation into the incident.
He subsequently condemned the burning of the pavilion.
The state's Commissioner, Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, said on Friday that the government of Kaduna State received a security report detailing the incident.
He said, "The governor who frowned on the incident, directed security agencies to carry out diligent investigation towards identifying and punishing the culprits. Investigations into the incident are in progress."
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OPINION: Hon. Ayuba Chawazah will break the jinx and return as a two term member because of his benevolence, By Silas Jerry Tanko

Chikun Constituency is a constituency that prides itself as a one that is strategically located in Kaduna central and blessed with a cosmopolitan society that makes it competitive, engaging and very diverse. It is these unique characteristics that always make it hard for any member representing us at the State House of Assembly to get it on a first start.
Many members(State House Assembly Members) have come and tried yet failed monumentally because, first, they failed to embrace the unique nature of the society, secondly, the refused to be more proactive to the problems bedeviling us as a constituency and tend to be reactive after getting out of control and it is on that note that most of them ends up as one tenure House of Assembly members.
But I now see a unique leader with a different approach who decides to do things differently. I can see a man that understands the problem, ready to work with his people and most importantly, he has chosen to embrace everyone as long as you are for the development of his constituency.
Hon. Ayuba Chawazah is truly the Leader this constituency have long been waiting for, his vision, approach to issues and leadership style is more proactive than reactive. He listens more and talks less, in most cases his works speaks more loudly. A man determined to turn around the fortunes of this great constituency.
Chikun constituency has had for the first time, member that has taken the Youths more serious and have them as the center piece of his vision which is one of his agenda. Discharging his duties to his people in a record time and empowering women in a way never witness in this constituency. The very reason Hon. Ayuba Chawazah will break the jinx and return as a two term member. An attempt that is looking more assured every day. The naysayers will always say that is a tall dream and impossible but only time will tell.
May God Help our Principal
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PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Hon. Gabriel Saleh Zock Scholarship Scheme 2021

This is to inform all successful applicants that the final list for Hon. Gabriel Saleh Har scholarship scheme is out, all selected candidates should cross-check their details provided during the screening exercise to make sure is correct and accurate.
NOTE: If there is any misspellings or error an applicant should contact the following numbers to update their details provided:.
08067247216, 08034219548, 07031399260, 08075454045, 07066810601.
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Thursday, January 28, 2021

OPINION: Mr La is a God sent to the people of Kaduna Central, By Maxwell Gyas

As a lover, follower and keen observer of Hon. Lawal Adamu (Mr. La) benevolence to the great and beautiful people of Kaduna Central, one can easily conclude that He is a God sent to his people. It is generally said that, you can’t give what you don’t have and Leadership skills is either inherent in man or acquire via training.
However, Hon. Lawal Adamu has displayed in so many instances that his leadership ability is innate. That is why Mr. La has been able to touch so many lives across the state (especially Kaduna central), both young and old through his foundation, (Mr. La cares foundation) 
Mr. La has shown love and compassion so many times, especially when in recent weeks an incident occur in zaria of traders whose shops were demolished and their source of livelihood destroyed. Mr. La decided to visit them when he saw the video of one of the woman trending on social media. After watching the touching scene in the trending video, he set out to zaria to the scene and dole out 1.5 million to the victims (almost 15 0f them) to start up their business once again. That is a Leader with empathy.
In addition, this benevolent spirit and show of Leadership was shown recently when Mr. La visited Chikun Local Government on a condolence visit to Narayi ward to commiserate with the family of Mr. Gandu who lost their mother, in his usual nature, after condoling the family, Mr. La gave the family the sum of 100,000 and promise to look into the education of some of her children who are still in school, he also promise to help some of the graduate in the house secure jobs when the opportunity provided itself.
Also, weeks back, an incident of bandits attack at rigassa occured where many loss their lives while others sustain different degrees of injuries, on hearing that Mr. La went to the community where the barbaric act happened and commiserate with members of the families that lost loved ones. Afterwards, he then went to the hospital, greeted all the injured victims, gave them cash gift and also paid for their medical bills.
Mr. La is a man known all over Kaduna state because of his leadership trait, charisma, humility, detribalized nature and party faithfulness. That was why during the last election, the people of Kaduna central overwhelmingly voted for him but because the government of the day chose the path of injustice they decided to steal the election. That has not in any way deterred his resilient spirit as he has continue to be calm and wait for God’s time and the time is 2023. God bless Mr. La, our mandate come 2023. Mr. La, Mai Alheri!
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KASU announces resumption date

The Kaduna State University, KASU, will resume academic activities on Jan. 29, says its Registrar, Samuel Manshop.
Mr Manshop said this in a statement in Kaduna on Wednesday.
He said that the decision followed Kaduna State government’s approval for tertiary institutions in the state to reopen from Jan. 25.
“The management of the Kaduna State University wishes to notify staff, students and the general public that academic activities resume on Jan. 29.
“This is sequel to the state government’s approval for tertiary institutions to reopen,’’ he said.
The registrar, however, explained that postgraduate students were expected to resume academic activities on Jan. 29, while undergraduate students would resume on Feb. 1.
He directed that all COVID-19 preventive protocols be strictly observed.
The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the university had earlier expressed readiness to reopen on Jan. 25 if approved by the state government.
The approval did not come until Jan. 24, when government announced its approval for tertiary institutions across the state to reopen on Jan. 25.
Phoebe Yayi, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education had explained that the approval came after assessing all tertiary institutions in the state to ensure their level of preparedness and plans for reopening.
She, however, urged managements of all the tertiary institutions to ensure strict adherence to all the guidelines and protocols put in place by the state government.
The permanent secretary listed some of the guidelines to include compulsory temperature checks and wearing of face masks by students and members of staff, both academic and non-academic.
Similarly, she urged that washing facilities be situated at strategic locations in the school premises as well as constant water supply and the use of alcoholic based hand sanitiser.
Mrs Yayi advised that people avoid overcrowded places both in classes and hostels and the availability of functional health facilities for isolation of suspected cases.
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Kaduna Political Awards: Zamani College, Receives Nomination Certificate

The management of Zamani College, had on Monday, received their Nomination Certificate for the forthcoming Kaduna Political Awards. 

Zamani College has been Nominated for the forthcoming Award, under the Most influential Alumni Category, alongside other Schools.
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Army Deploys 100 Female Soldiers To Secure Abuja-Kaduna Highway

The Nigerian Army has deployed 100 female soldiers of the 1 Women Special Operation Battalion to secure the Abuja-Kaduna highway.
The women soldiers, will form part of Operation Thunder Strike.
It was further gathered that this is the first deployment as another set of 200 soldiers are expected, making a total of 300.
Governor Nasir El-Rufai, who received the women soldiers on Wednesday in Kakau village along the high, said: “I am confident that with the deployment of the women soldiers, the Abuja-Kaduna road will be the safest in the country.”
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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Court Orders Kaduna Prison To Release El-Zakzaky’s Wife For COVID-19 Treatment

Kaduna State High Court, on Monday, ordered the Nigerian Correctional Service to evacuate the wife of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Zeenat, to an isolation centre, for COVID-19 treatment.
This followed a medical test result tendered at the resumed sitting on Monday by her counsel, Femi Falana (SAN), which showed that Zeenat had tested positive for coronavirus.
Zakzaky and wife Zeenat
Falana told the court that the medical facility at the Kaduna correctional centre lacked the things needed to treat the virus.
Delivering a ruling, Justice Gideon Kurada specifically ordered that she should be moved to a government-approved isolation and treatment centre.
Last Thursday, Mohammed, son of the IMN leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, said his mother, Zeenat, tested positive for COVID-19 at the Kaduna Correctional Centre, but that the authorities refused to release her for treatment.
El-Zakzaky and his wife have been in detention since 2015 after his followers clashed with soldiers in Zaria, Kaduna.
Both of them are facing trial on eight counts bordering on alleged culpable homicide, unlawful assembly and disruption of the public peace, among other charges, to which they both pleaded not guilty on September 29, 2020.
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OPINION: Samuel Aruwan: The Journalist Turned Security Guru, By Emmanuel Ado

Samuel Peter Aruwan, is today the first ever Kaduna State Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs, because of the very deliberate choices as a young man that he had made several years ago, for which he gives credit to his late parents for instilling in him those lessons. The very first fundamental choice Aruwan faced and which he clearly passed with distinction, was the rejection of the siege mentality which has inhibited relationships between most people from Southern Kaduna and the Northern part of the state. The other huge choice that confronted him was to join the complaining hosanna group of “we are marginalized” or to forge understanding. By refusing to buy into the claims of marginalization that ultimately would have reduced his chances of aspiring to be anything in Kaduna State, he built bridges. Lastly, was the deliberate choice of demonstrating concretely that he is a bonafide citizen of Kaduna State, by proudly laying claim to Kabala West in the Kaduna South Local Government Area, where he was born and raised, rather than Zangon Kataf where he originally hailed from. Samuel Aruwan, by his several gestures has definitely made several eloquent statements.
Where ever the late parents of Samuel Aruwan are, they definitely must be extremely proud of the accomplishments of their son “Samilia Baki”, not only because he has made the family name a household name, first as the official spokesman of Nasir El-Rufai, the Governor of Kaduna State, who in recognition of his credible performance “upgraded” him to the position of Commissioner of Kaduna State, charged with the onerous responsibility of coordinating internal security matters and liaison with the various security agencies, but because he imbibed the deep lessons of relationships, love, respect they passed on to him.

The ministry which is at the heart of the overall security strategy of the government, has as planned, enhanced the state government’s capacity to address the security challenges confronting the state. The new ministry also supervises the activities of some parastatals and agencies performing home affairs functions.

Sam, is an abundance evidence that with hard work, building of bridges, sheer determination and the Grace of God, the possibilities are infinite. Being named the Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs was certainly a reward for the commitment to hard work and certainly not a favour by Nasir El-Rufai, who is not known to dispense unmerited favors. For instance, the very first action of the El-Rufai administration on assumption of office in 2015 was an emergency Security Council, based on credible information provided by Sam on terrorists attacks in Southern Kaduna. But rather than resting on his oars, Aruwan continued to be on top of his game, in the process he consistently grew in confidence and stature by day, such that he became indispensable, and on the creation of the ministry, he was the natural and unanimous choice to head it.

Without forging a mutually respectful relationship with Nasir El-Rufai, who describes him as his friend, Sam wouldn’t have had the opportunity of being called upon to serve the state, and what a tragedy that would have been considering his network of contacts, zeal and commitment to a new Kaduna State. But the tribute for everything Sam has accomplished goes to El-Rufai, who in spite of the campaign of calumny is definitely not a fanatic or a tribal warlord, that his critics have tried to paint him.

Sam, is not the only beneficiary of El-Rufai’s mentoring, there are many others, like Chris Umar, who at various times was the Legal Adviser to the Governor, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Deputy Governor and now the Solicitor General/Permanent Secretary Ministry of Justice,there is also Idris Samalia Nyam, at various times Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance,the Accountant General of the Kaduna State and presently the Commissioner of Business, Innovation and Technology to Shizzer Bada, the first female Accountant General of the state, who also acted briefly as the Executive Secretary of the Kaduna State investment Promotion Agency (KADIPA).

Sam, for rejecting division and embracing inclusiveness like other patriots, like the late Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa, a quintessential gentleman, whose remarkable detachment from hate made him unpopular amongst merchants of hate and the late Senator Isaiah Balat another exemplary bridge builder, has been accused of being a sale out, even though his traducers have never bothered to show proof of how working for El-Rufai amounted to a sale out,especially as they have equally worked for administrations headed by Muslims and belonged to political parties that were headed by Muslims and that have Muslim members. Though such cheap campaigns have allowed some Southern Kaduna elites maintain a good measure of control over Southern Kaduna politics, the tragedy is the long term cost- increasing isolation” which the elites seem not to worry about.

The question that some Southern Kaduna people have bluntly refused to address is how the dream of a Governor of Kaduna State of Southern Kaduna origin can be actualized, without building bridges, especially as the electoral numbers are clearly not in their favour? The emergence of a Southern Kaduna Governor who will govern based on SOKAPU agenda, the desire of some elites, is definitely not a problem, the problem unfortunately is that it’s an unrealizable pipe dream. And unless there is a change in the pattern of relationship and rejection of the “politics of isolation”, it’s certain that the zone would further become irrelevant. Before now, it was taken for granted that the Deputy Governor would always be a Christian, to the exclusion of indigenous Muslims from the South, but due to very poor politics – the vilification of those belonging to other parties, Muslims of the south are now a reality that can’t be ignored.

In the early 1990’s Reverend John Aboki of Southern Kaduna origin was elected Chairman of Kaduna North Local Government Council,just as Late Dr. Edward Gamba was also elected Member of the House of Representatives,from Kaduna North. To show how badly by day Southern Kaduna has continued to lose out, it last produced a member of the House of Assembly in 2007,from Makera Constituency and Vice Chairmen of the Kaduna South Local Government Council, an area that it has a significant population. Like the late Author Chinua Achebe famously stated, unless a people ask profound questions about where the rain started beating them, they will never know where they dried their bodies. The Southern Kaduna people owe themselves the urgent and compelling duty of lunching an urgent inquiry into how they got to where they are.

So rather than Sam being called names, his politics should be emulated as a study in integration and political sophistication. His orientation, world view and the world view of his traducers are definitely miles apart.Sam, is confident, bold, can’t and has refused to be intimidated, his vision of a peaceful, just and prosperous Kaduna State remains commendable. It’s always a delight seeing him mingle confidently amongst generals, senior police officers that in the course of his duty he must relate with. He is an epitome of what every Southern Kaduna appointee should be, an assertiveness that bothers on competence and believe of being a stakeholder.

Sam, has without doubt given a credible account of himself. His perceived “stubbornness”, can be explained by his deep convictions, which has made rejecting intolerance, bigotry, narrow mindedness an easy straightforward decision and his unflinching support for El-Rufai, total. Sam’s support is not based on political expediency.
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Dead Hon. Husseini Dembo is politically heavier than you, Nikyop Youths tells Ben Bako

Our attention has been drawn to a statement credited one Ben Bako, a one time Commissioner of Information in Kaduna wherein he tried to make a villain out of our Hero, Husseini Dembo of blessed memory.

His statement was a reaction to a statement credited to some self appointed youths leaders of Southern Kaduna wherein they threatened  to work against the PDP, a dominant party in Southern Kaduna in order to hurt Sen Danjuma Tella Laah, the Senator Representing Kaduna South Senatorial District.

We wouldn't have had course to meddle into the war of words between Ben Bako on one side and the youths; and Sen Danjuma Laah on the other side if he had not dragged the name of our Hero of blessed memory into the category of political villains in his overzealous and thoughtless rejoinder.

Ben Bako should note that there is no law anywhere in Nigeria that criminalises defection from a political party. As sensitive as religion is in Nigeria, one is at liberty to change his faith. What more of a political party? Ben Bako need to be reminded that Freedom of Association is guaranteed in our Constitution, in case he is not aware of that.

It is the pomposity of people like Ben Bako and their quests to make villains out of the death that probably instigated Governor Mukhtar Ramalan Yero to abandon all projects initiated by Gov Patrict Yakowa of blessed memory. That tactical error pushed people in drove out of the PDP in protest. Result of 2015 general election is a pointer to that.

Lest we forget, as the then Commissioner of Information, when the people of Takad where experiencing brutal attacks from Herdsmen, Ben Bako was readily available to use his office to unilatarally embark on boundary demarcation by annexing Takad land to Plateau State. It is as a result of his silly conduct and gross unprofessionalism  that Dr John Danfulani once described him as the actual character "Benjamin The Donkey" in Animal Farms, a fictional book.

We understand that 2023 is here, people like Ben Bako that are into politics for their pecuniary gains are tempted to think that running their mouths like somebody suffering from Diarrhea of the mouth will make them relevant. He need to understand that life is above that. He has been tried, and found wanting. He performed far below expectation.
He was unable to market the government of Yero which led to the defeat  PDP in 2015. 

Mr BenBako need to note that the PDP is now in opposition, everybody in the party need to channel his or her energy towards fighting the government in power not members of their party or the dead. We have every reason to believe that he can't do that as you can't go to equity with soiled hands. Ben is too filty to call out the present regime; in order to keep himself in circulation, he has resorted to fighting the dead. As he takes the route common to people without conscience, he should note that there are people that are more weighty than him even in death; Hon Husseini Dembo falls in that category.
 "Don't use the name of Late Husseini Dembo to rehabilitate yourself politically"

Finally, in case Ben Bako has forgotten, Hon Dembo didn't join politics as a pauper, as a matter of fact, politics drained him and made him poor. His late father was well to do, he consolidated on it. When all you have is as a result of politics, you are tempted to think that, others are in Politics to emassed wealth. Only those with clean hands can oppose seating government without any fear of repression. Ben can't do that, else, the next morning his atrocities will find him out and transport him to Kaduna Maximum prison. Ben Bako should Shut the Hell Up and Grow Up, the group said, in a statement made available to Kaduna Political Affairs, signed by Bamas Ayuba and Baton Wamod. 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

OPINION: Tackling The Current Security Challenges And The Need For Caution, By Sen. Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi

At every level of development, every society or nation cannot escape being confronted by challenges of various hues; the test for the strength, cohesion and maturity of the society and its system is not in playing the ostrich and trying to pretend that the challenges aren’t real, but in how they are confronted and dealt with. As Nigeria currently faces challenges of monumental proportions in virtually, all spheres of endeavour, it behoves on all of us to come pull together as one to confront and defeat these challenges.
Of all the challenges, to me, the biggest and most scary is the seeming breakdown of security in most parts of the country. That the provision of security is the primary purpose of government, is a trite and worn-out cliché, but it bears repeating here. Governments at all levels must therefore strive to remain faithful to this mandate, realising though that they need the support and understanding of all citizens to succeed.
Incidences of banditry, kidnapping and other forms of criminalities are becoming the order of the day across the country. Economic and social activities are therefore stalling, leading to a stagnation of our development as a people and a nation. There can be no development without stability; and there can be no stability without adequate security that affords all the chance to pursue various legitimate means of livelihood. And no investor, local or foreign will bring their capital to a place in which security of life and property is not guaranteed. So, North, South, East and West, we need to realise that we are in a deeper pit than we seem to acknowledge.   
Governments at all levels must therefore lead the quest for us to get out of this quagmire by upping the ante and tempo of this fight against insecurity in all its ramifications. The rejigging of the security architecture and equipping it with all the necessary wherewithal is paramount. Even though this is government’s primary responsibility, it cannot be effectively shouldered to the exclusion of the citizens. It is therefore incumbent on governments at all levels to embrace all and give all a sense of belonging through inviting and as much as practicable, working on the contributions of all, irrespective of political differences, ethnic or religious background to ensure the success of the fight. Every Nigerian is a critical stakeholder in this project; therefore, all perspectives should be harnessed and deployed in prosecuting this fight.
We, the led, must also realise that we have a part to play to ease the burden on the governments. And this we can all do by coming together, setting aside all differences, be they political, religious, tribal, geographical and any other, to launch a massive onslaught on this monster, which does not discriminate on who, where and when it attacks.
A situation in which we allow emotions to rule our decision-making faculties, leading to incendiary remarks by some of us from all parts of the Country who ordinarily ought to have known better is a recipe for loss of focus, which ultimately leads to doom. I therefore call on all of us, the leaders and the led, to put on our thinking caps and realise that we are all in this mess together and it takes the coming together of all of us to get out of it.  All of us, across all the partisan and other divides must also guard against the temptation to politicise the issue of security. We must realise that we have to have a country before we can play politics.  
Leaders, political, religious, traditional, socio cultural and others must also be smart and guard their utterances and actions, as the handling of some of the issues arising from some of the problems requires sensitivity, delicate balancing as well as the capacity to operate above the fray. It is in this light that I consider the issuance of ultimatums and counter ultimatums to Nigerians living in various parts of the country by leaders and cultural groups across the divides as counterproductive and a far cry from the real solution to the problem. This is not to say however that agitations against criminal elements are to be ignored. People have the legitimate rights to raise their voices against criminality perpetrated by anybody or group, while leaders must rise above sentiments and emotions by looking more broadly and more holistically at issues and their pros and cons, in order to ensure justice to all. In line with this spirit, I welcome the statement by the Chairman of Nigerian Governors Forum to the effect that no ultimatum has been given to anybody by any Governor.
 I also call on the Federal Government to intensify its partnership with the States and other leaders to bring an end to the banditry, kidnappings and other criminalities across the length and breadth of our dear Country
Governments at all levels would also do well to be more accommodating of critics and criticisms and avoid falling into the trap of always looking at and seeing critics as enemies. Critics are not necessarily enemies, not even opponents; they just happen to see things from different perspectives. By engaging positively with critics, governments have the dual advantage of analyses from alternative perspectives as well as the opportunity to educate the critics on the insights to their own perspectives that the critics may otherwise be unaware of.
I condole with families who lost dear ones to the various crises and criminalities arising from this situation of insecurity and also sympathise with those who lost properties or suffered any economic loss and also call on us all to support governments at all levels as they grapple with this challenge.
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Monday, January 25, 2021

Christians, Muslims Unite, As Hon. Ekene Adam's Empowerment Program Hits Kakau, Nassarawa, Sabon Gari Wards

It was a moment of Joy and Unity, at the second Phase of Hon. Ekene Adams Empowerment Program, which took place at Nassarawa, Kakau and Sabon Gari Wards of Chikun Local Government Area. 
In his opening remarks, Hon. Ekene Adams said, "I'm pleased to see people from different Religions and ethnic groups peacefully coexisting." 
"If we continue to peacefully coexist, i assure you that there'll be development in our Local Government and the state at Large. 
"I can see Muslims and Christians happily sitting together. It is obvious that the Empowerment Program has not only succeeded in empowering the masses, it has also succeeded in fostering unity." 
He urged the people to stop allowing Politicians to divide them along ethno-religious lines for their selfish interests. Adding that no Political party is a religion, therefore none should be treated like one. He advised the people to vote leaders who have the masses at heart, not those who'll appear only during elections to divide people along ethno-religious lines in order to have their way. He added that though his visit wasn't for Political reasons, but it's important for the people to be enlightened in order for them to make the right choices when choosing their representatives. 
He urged those who are yet to Join the All Progressives Congress, APC, to do so as a matter of urgency in order to prepare for the forthcoming elections.

Highlight of the event was when Sakina Abdullahi, a pregnant Fulani native, said she'll name her son after Hon. Ekene Adams, if she delivers a baby boy. 
The Honourable who swiftly responded, ordered his team to give her 20 thousand Naira in order to boost her charcoal business, while giving her extra 30 thousand Naira to take care of her unborn child after delivery. 
Margaret Bitrus, a native of Atakar, who sells Burkutu, was also giving a grinding machine, and 50 thousand Naira to start a decent business. 
"Mama didn't get Yes during our raffle draw, i saw her and God instructed me to assist her regardless. I asked her what she does in order to assist her and she said she sells burkutu. I told her that i don't empower Burkutu sellers, but if there is anything else she'd like to do, I'll assist her to achieve it. Then she said she wants a cleaning job. But mama won't be a cleaner. I'm giving her one grinding machine, so that she'll station it at her frontage in order to be making money on daily basis, and I'll add 50 thousand Naira, so that she'll use it to go in to petty trading," he said.
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22-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide In Kaduna

A 22-year-old man, Abdullahi Musa, residing in Aboro, Sanga Local Government of Kaduna State has reportedly committed suicide. 
His lifeless body was discovered dangling on a high tension electric pole by passersby in Friday's early hours. He was believed to have died Thursday night. 
The Chairman, Sanga Local Government Council, Mr Charles Danladi who confirmed the report said the councillor representing the area, Mallam Dahiru Yunusa Aboro, briefed him about the sad incident.
The police command in Kaduna has yet to confirm the report, as its spokesman, ASP Muhammed Jalige, could not answer calls put to his phone by our reporter.
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Children Unity Foundation, pays courtesy visit to the Leadership of Kaduna State House of Assembly

Children Unity Foundation, paid courtesy visit to the Leadership of Kaduna State House of Assembly, led by RT Hon. Yusuf Ibrahim Zailani (Speaker) and Hon. Dr. Isaac Auta (Deputy Speaker).

The visit was necessitated by the need to build on the efforts already being expended across board in making the state a peace hub.
The Hon. Speaker and Deputy were delighted by the visit. After a fruitful dialogue, RT Hon. Zailani in his remarks, thanked the Director of the Non Governmental organization, Mrs. Vicky Boniface for what the NGO is doing to improve and encourage Tolerance, Unity and peaceful coexistence between children across all ethnic and religious divides in the state through it's numerous interventions & initiatives. He also reiterated the willingness and commitment of the Assembly's leadership in making and strengthening laws that pertains the unity and well-being of children and the impact it will have on the state, moving forward, adding that unity remains a vital ingredient to a prosperous society.
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BREAKING: ABU will not resume academic activities today – Official

The management of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria has disclosed reasons it will not resume academic activities, despite an earlier announcement to reopen the institution on January 25, 2021.
Recall that the university had fixed Monday, January 25, 2021 as the date for the reopening of the institution for the resumption of academic activities.
Following a growing tension among students and parents, the university, in a statement on Sunday by its Director of Public Affairs, Auwalu Umar, said the management was awaiting approval from Kaduna State government for reopening.
According to the statement, the state government had sent a verification team to the university on Wednesday, January 202, 2021 to specifically assess the institution’s compliance with COVID-19 preventive protocols.
“The University has indeed enjoyed the tremendous cooperation of the team during the assessment tour,” the statement noted.
Mr Umar, therefore, assured all students, parents and other stakeholders that whatever decision communicated to the institution will be conveyed immediately.
Meanwhile, in an earlier statement, the university said the 2019/2020 academic session would be completed based on the adjusted calendar as approved by the Senate.
The university added that the reopening would be on a gradual and phased basis.
In the first phase, according to the statement, only final/graduating students, 100, 200 levels students and all clinical medical students will resume on January 25, while all post-graduate students will hold lectures virtually.
In the second phase of reopening, the university said all non-graduating students – 300 levels in the case of the 4-year course, 400 levels in the case of the 5-year course, and 500 levels in the case of 6-year course – will resume.
The statement, however, noted that the reopening is subject to further directives by the Federal and State governments.
The university said: “The decision to reopen the University followed the suspension of ASUU strike, and the directive by National Universities Commission (NUC) based on the advisory/clearance by the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 that Universities could reopen as from 18th January, 2021 under strict observance of COVID-19 protocols.”
“It should be noted that all non-pharmaceutical COVID-19 protocols would be strictly observed anywhere on campus and every student must submit online undertaking to abide by all the COVID-19 protocols both within and outside the Campus. Students who failed to complete and sumit the form online will not be able to print their exams card.
“In addition, the University Management would, within the limits of its resources, support the University Health Service (UHS) with the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and a Holding Bay to ensure safe handling of any suspected cases.
“Equally, Management would take all necessary actions to strengthen the security architecture of the University and assure the University community of adequate safety and security.”
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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Fifteen perish on Kaduna-Abuja Road while driving in opposite direction to traffic

Fifteen people have died on the Kaduna-Abuja road in the last 72 hours, in road traffic crashes caused by driving in the opposite direction to oncoming traffic.
This information was presented in a research feedback to the Kaduna State Government by the military and security agencies conducting  security operations along the route. 
The figure was presented along with a report of the latest crash, which occurred early this morning around the Greenfield University in Chikun localgovernment. 
The crash involved a trailer conveying grains and motorcycles to Abuja and was caused by a combination of speeding and driving against the direction of traffic. These caused the trailer to veer off the pavement and tip over on its side, as seen in the pictures attached.  
Seven persons died in the crash, with five injured, who are now receiving treatment in hospital. Troops and security agencies helped clear the site and ensure the normal flow of traffic.

Several other fatal accidents have occurred recently along the route, all caused by drivers switching lanes to drive against the normal flow of traffic, usually leading to head-on collisions with oncoming vehicles.

On Saturday morning, two lives were lost in such a crash around Olam Farms. Two days before that, four persons died in another crash close to the NYSC camp. A similar crash occurred last Wednesday, January 20th 2021.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai expressed dismay at the report, and commiserated with the families of the deceased, while wishing the injured quick recovery. 

The Governor reiterated his call to drivers plying the highway to desist from dangerous practices, especially speeding and driving against the flow of traffic, which remains prohibited by the Kaduna State Government. 

While acknowledging the inconvenience posed by defects on the route, the Governor pointed out that the risks incurred by switching to another lane to drive against the flow of traffic are too great, as clearly indicated by the number of deadly crashes witnessed on the route in the past month. 

Security agencies will continue to enforce compliance on the route. Meanwhile, citizens are urged to report violations, crashes and other abnormalities to the Kaduna State Security Operations Room on the emergency lines: 09034000060 and 08170189999, or email
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OPINION: The name 'kaduna' comes not from the Hausa Kada but from the Gbagyi word KADUDNA, By Christian O. Emmanuel

Hausa historians employ the instruments of falsehood to distort the details of the history of their neighbours. This has always been a stock-in-trade of the people. They also employ the media to further strengthen the spread of these distorted stories. 

Today everybody goes away with the wrong notion that even Kaduna came from a Hausa plural for "Kada". But historical facts, now being downplayed by those in the majority prove differently. A close attention to the facts is all that is needed to prove this.

Even Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto, and Premier of the Northern Nigeria, in his autobiography, MY LIFE, wrote: "In the 1913, the great plains which now embrace our Capital were virtually empty. There were a very few scattered Gwari (Gwagyi) villages, but until the railway went through them on its way to Kano from the coast, there was no common link between them."  

At this time, the colonial masters have created Kaduna as the capital of the north, rather than Zaria or Kano. But that choice is another story.

It sometimes beats me how, the Fulani followed by the Hausa late-comers to these plains changed the narrative. The main river has divided the vast forest into north and south, and for ease of differentiation and identification of the two forests on each sides, the areas (plains, in the words of the Sardauna) had been called after the men who first settled there. 

The forest in the north was named after one Mashi who founded the first settlement in that "kurmi" (forest), hence Kurmi Mashi. And this was initially "Mashi Kuchi" in Gwagyi. Kuchi is the Gwagyi word for forest. 

One the other side of the river was a settlement, founded by one Kakugyi known as Kurmi Gwari. It happened to be the oldest settlement in that vast plain. 

The Hausa has difficulty with pronouncing the word "gyi'. Most Gwagyi words with "gyi" have suffered alterations as a result. This explains how Gbagyi became Gwari. 

Thus, since this general area on the south of the river is called "Kakugyi  Kuchi" to differentiate it from Mashi Kuchi on the north, it ended up being distorted. The "gyi" soon disappeared. What remained is KAKURI. 

The name Kaduna actually came from the experience of the Gwagyi from having to cross the river to do business on the other side. This was long before the arrival of the railway and after it, the bridge. 

The question on their mind was always how to cross over the river, said to be full of snails. Those who are familiar with Agenebode in Edo state may relate to the fact that a people's casual experience in a place may eventually chrystalise into a name for the same.

John Paden had recounted in a biography dedicated to Ahmadu Bello that "From a 'traditional African's perspective, Kaduna had never been 'unhihabited' but had been a major Gbagyi (Gwari) area reflecting their segmental village structure. " 

He continues, "The name 'kaduna' comes not from the Hausa Kada but from the Gbagyi word KADUDNA' (emphasis mine), which means 'crossing the river of snails'". He concludes: "Kaduna is a 'Gwari' town, but these original people were pushed to the outskirts and their land taken from them."

This position has been contested by later Hausa writers. Yet facts on ground continue to remain irrepressible. Today distortion of facts has continued to be employed as state policy. They tell the story in official circles and state events to fit their own fictional narrative. The Kaduna centenary celebration was a case in point. The Gbagyi was not given a page.
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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Bandits Invade Kaduna Communities, Kill Traditional Ruler, Three Others

Armed bandits have killed a traditional ruler and three other locals in attacks on Kaduna communities.
State Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, confirmed the killings in a statement on Thursday.
Aruwan did not disclose the exact days the incidents occurred.
The development comes less than a week after five people were killed by gunmen in the state.
Aruwan said two of the victims identified as Dogara Yahaya, ward head of Baranje village, and Reuben Adamu, were killed at Baranje village near Buruku in the Chikun Local Government Area of the state.
The statement read, “At Ungwan Sada in Giwa Local Government Area, armed bandits killed one Ibrahim Salisu after an attempt to kidnap him.
“Similarly, Abdullahi Saleh, a herder, was killed by armed bandits along the Kangimi axis, on the Kaduna-Jos Road in the Igabi Local Government Area.
“Governor Nasir El-Rufai noted these reports with sadness, and sent condolences to the families of the slain citizens, while praying for the repose of their souls. He also tasked security agencies to ensure diligent investigations into the incidents.
“Intensified ground and air patrols are set to be sustained in Birnin Gwari, Giwa, Igabi and Chikun local government areas, linking up to Niger State.”
Kaduna, among several other states in the northern region, has been plagued by insecurity in recent years.
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Friday, January 22, 2021

Private Firm To Manage Abuja-Kaduna E-Ticket For 10yrs

A private firm, SecureID, has the concession to manage the Abuja-Kaduna e-ticketing platform for 10 years and recoup up to N900 million before handing over to the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NCR).
The Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi disclosed this on Wednesday during the official launch of the e-ticketing platform held virtually.
The minister said the online ticketing which marks the beginning of automation of ticket sales in all major stations in Abuja- Kaduna train service is in line with global world best practices and will enhance efficiency, save time, promote accountability, reduce ticket racketeering, reduce leakage and promote economic growth.
The Minister further stated that it is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) valued at N900 million of which the concessionaire ( SecureID) will provide, then run the facility for 10 year to recoup its investment before reverting ownership to the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC).
Speaking earlier, the Chairman of the Governing Board, NRC, Ibrahim Alhassan Musa , said that the e- ticketing solution finally brings to an end the persistent allegation of ticket racketeering at the train Station.
According to the Chief Executive Officer, Secure ID Solutions, Kofo Akinkugbe, the launch heralds the nation’s entry into the new age of multi- model ticketing in public transportation while allowing for passengers convenience, efficiency and accountability for operators and provide data for government for better decision making.
Kofo further stated that the e- ticketing solution after a successful pilot program as of Thursday has issued 25,000 tickets online and informed intending commuters on the Abuja – Kaduna rail corridor to assess the e – ticketing solution online.
According to her, all solutions offer a increased customer experience such as convenient ticket purchase 24 hours a day, seat selection, secure online payments, no physical interaction amongst others.
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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Kaduna Political Awards: Hon. Kevin Oko, Receives Nomination Certificate

Kaduna Born Politician, Hon. Kevin Oko, has received his Nomination Certificate for the forthcoming Kaduna Political Awards. 
Kevin Oko, the MD/CEO, Kev-Crave Global Ltd, has been Nominated for the forthcoming Award, under the Young Politician Of The Year Category, alongside other vibrant Young Politicians.
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