Saturday, December 26, 2020

The seasons greetings artwork circulating on social Media wasn't from Isa Ashiru, Hon. Moses Zamani Kambai clears the air

Hon. Zamani Kambai, a member of Ashiru Transformation Movement, has stated that the Seasons greetings artwork which was widely criticized by southern Kaduna Christians wasn't directly from Isa Ashiru Kudan. He added that the artwork was done by his group in order to wish the people of Kaduna State happy holidays, few   weeks before Christmas. 
He pleaded with the people to stop giving it a religious coloration, as it was done with good intentions. 

"Dear Southern Kaduna People, Merry Christmas. 
I on behalf of our movement "Ashiru Transformation movement" A.T.M want to use this opportunity to categorically make this statement clear to everyone in the house, that the season greetings attached below posted earlier by one Mr Ally B. Amd was not directly from Rt hon Ashiru kudan but from a movement which I am a stunch executive member called the Ashiru Transformation movement (A.T.M).
Dear Southern Kaduna People, merry Christmas. I want to categorically make it clear that the seasons greetings in question was graphically design 8 days before Christmas just to wish the good people of kaduna state a season greetings which has to do with holidays because it was not yet Christmas as of then, and it went viral on social media.
Please I'm soliciting, let not bring sentiments here amongst us in this crucial stage.
I and the director general of our movement Hon.maisaje Umar Yahaya and our director of protocol and ICT comr.bunnete Peter a southern kaduna indigine from jaba local government personally design this graphics as a well wisher, just to wish everyone a happy holiday that was before Christmas and you know how pictures go round on media.
Please I am posting this for proper clearification and accepting responsibility of our dear movement and bunnet Peter the designer mistakes.
This season greetings were not from Rt hon Ashiru kudan but powered by a movement called the A.T. M (Ashiru Transformation movement) and the A.T.M is one family with one purpose.
Thank you for your time and understanding, he wrote.

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