Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Rabo will not succumb to blackmail and cheap propaganda from traducers, Says media aide

The attention of the Executive Chairman of kagarko Local Government, Hon. Nasara Rabo has once again been drawn to a blackmail and cheap propaganda raised by one Steven Kefas where he accused Hon. Rabo of making an assasination attempt on him. Kefas made the accusation on his Facebook Page where he said "if anything happens to me please hold my LGA Chairman Nasara Rabo responsible. In my village I was told that he said if he sees me I will 'disappear forever'"    

The Executive Chairman in his quest to better the lives and livelihoods of his people has ignored several traducers in the past to focus on his job by touching the lives of his people especially at the grassroots level but certainly not when an allegations against him involves a matter of life and death.

It could be recalled that Kefas has recently made unverifiable claims and has concocted several stories to blackmail and rubbish all the efforts being made by the Chairman to better the lives of his people which the council's media team calmly challenged him for proofs which he could not defend or prove but he'd rather parried the saliency with a shameful silence and later move-on with his self-styled activism for survival.

While Steven Kefas goes about casting aspersions and spreading falsehood against the Executive chairman, Hon. Rabo as a law abiding citizen will rather record and document all the careless pieces written by Steven Kefas against his person for a check and interrogation by the relevant authorities, the SSA Media and Communication to the Executive Chairman, Comrade Godwin Shehu Magaji, said.

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