Tuesday, December 15, 2020

OPINION: Uba Sani, the senator who bags many Awards for his great Leadership performance and personality, By Idris Hassan Munkail

Awards are tokens of recognition for one's exceptional performances, qualities and standards in a certain field.
Awards are only given to those whom deserve it. One can only be given awards when he/she have an outstanding qualities or performance in an organization, a sport or when representing people or serving humanity.
Award is never a thing of the 21st Century, is something that go far back to the ancient time. The time of great warriors, kings, emperors and empresses, the time of absolute courage and bravery.
In regards and respect to the above details, you will notice that only unique people with unique abilities, only people with amazing personality and standards, stand a chance for receiving awards.
Such people are mostly, normally and naturally decent, kind, brave, generous, selfless and everything in the name of good. 
DS Dr. Malam Uba Sani is one of such great personalities. In a single year, as a Senator representing the good people of Kaduna Central, he has bagged home many remarkable awards for his good and unique skills in leadership performances and services to humanity. 

He has bagged home: 

1. A Legislative Excellence Award, an award as the most active and promising lawmaker 2020 (northern region)
 2. An award for the Senator of the Year on Leadership Excellence to mention a few.

3. A NASS News Award

4. An award for the Most Outstanding Senator of the Year.

5. An Icon of Societal Change, Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Kaduna Branch Award

6. An Icon of National Development, Youth Life Foundation (YLF) Award to mention a few.
DS Dr. Malam Uba Sani have earned for himself a title as *The Pride of the North*. Indeed Kaduna Central and Kaduna State are proud of you my humble Senator.

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