Tuesday, December 15, 2020

OPINION: Tribute To Late Gov. Yakowa, By Charles Dogara

To the people of Southern Kaduna, despite the clouds of fear, anxiety and uncertainty, we must
not give in to self-doubt and prejudice. We have
lost a dear son, but we have not lost our future.
Indeed, the future that lies ahead is far brighter
now than at any time. Our confidence as a
people has grown. Mr. Yakowa, came, he saw,
he conquered. He has left us a legacy that we
should all be proud of. A man with uncommon
dedication to hard work, diligence to duty,
sincere, honest to a fault, all trusting in the will
of God, a family man, an altruistic citizen, he has
shown that the doors are open to all if we
imbibe his qualities.
Sadly, today, years and years of corruption and
abuse of office have turned the otherwise noble profession and vocation of politics into a dark temple where money and power occupy the pantheons and enlist worshippers. The result is that rather than seeking men and women of honour for public office, our country has lost a sense of a common vision for creating the Good
society. Nigerians have now developed a navel
gazing and incestuous view of power that feeds
on primordial sentiments. We no longer trust the
Other, only those who worship with us, speak
like us, can be trusted to represent us. Today,
Nigerians believe that the only good public office
holder is not the one who is most qualified, the
most honest, the one with the greatest capacity
to do good, but rather, the one who is a member
of our circle of greed.
Those who have projected Religion as the basis for
power have created the condition that now
threatens the foundation of our society today.
Those who used religion have left the north and
its people poorer than any other part of the
country. Mr. Yakowa in just about one year has
managed to build up a people who have come to believe in themselves as brothers and sisters. He was relentless in his quest for peace. The result is that he has blunted the cutting edge of religion in our public life. ADIEU!

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