Tuesday, December 8, 2020

OPINION: The solution to chikun/kajuru federal Constituency misrepresentation is God almighty, then Ekene Adams, By Solomon Ado Yani

The solution to chikun/kajuru federal 
Constituency misrepresentation is God almighty first, then Ekene Adams second. God won't come down to govern us, he'll use those with good hearts to turn things around. 
I hereby call on all well meaning constituents of this great constituency to key into the dreams and aspirations of the  Honourable which includes:
1. Good representation 
2. Positive presence of the constituency in the green chambers 
3. Infrastructural development 
4. Youth empowerment 
5. Good health facilities 
6. Sport development 
7. Better living condition for the people 
Just to mention but a few.
Dear Honourable sir with no political portfolio the people have seen your great work, we believe come 2023 after your victory God's willing you will do more.

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