Saturday, December 12, 2020

OPINION: Kaduna State Government should apologise for violating Covid-19 protocols to host Kaduna Marathon, instead of blaming the masses for the increase in Covid-19 cases, By Nura Usman

In Kaduna State Schools has been in season for the past 2months, Markets and other places have been open for over 3months now.
Not more than 2weeks now that the state government hosted a large gathering of people from all over Nigeria and some Countries in the name of Marathon. We all saw how all Covid-19 protocols were not only violated but abused. I doubt if any of those athletes that came in from outside Nigeria observe the 2weeks isolation as it was supposed to be.
It is senseless and a show of hypocrisy to come out and blame the people of the state for the rapid increase in the number of positive Covid-19 cases being recorded in the state.
The Government should blame it self and appologise to the Good people of Kaduna state.

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