Wednesday, December 30, 2020

OPINION: Kaduna PDP Crises: The Truth that Hurts Bad, By Dogara Unyem

It was Martin Luther King who said; "Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter." Also in the same line, Paulo Quelho made clear by saying; "Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile." I, dogaraCaesar will not be silent on issues that matter, especially the issues of state and upholding the dignity of justice and democracy in society. More so, I'll rather say the truth that hurts so badly...

To begin with, Its about a year since the beginning of the unfortunate rift in the Kaduna State Chapter of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), an accumulated issue of political interest. The point is misunderstanding/quarrels is inevitable but the ability to get past that and get things working again shows strength and determination to stand united and to dominate. So what has gone wrong with every efforts of reconciliation?

The fact that the party leadership continues to fail in ensuring reconciliation even after a reconciliation committee was put in place is clear indication that there is no intention whatsoever to reconcile worrying sides, possibly a deliberate drive of absolute recklessness by some so-called members of the party who have portrayed themselves as the 'war lords' of the present status quo (that's on one side), and on another side is exercise of ego and show of self interest that is placed above collective interest of the people being represented.

The 'war lords', a group of social propagandists enveloping themselves as the "Pro Current Executives" have consistently been playing to the disadvantage of the party, they seem to stand by a different way or approach of how things be done. However, these ambitious war lords seem to have a different vision, they dream of a democratic party controlled by dictatorship and in their own word, "a King who calls the shots." -Above all, they seem to have forgotten that its all a game of numbers at the highest stages and the party with more numbers remains in power...

According to Dr. Abdurrahman Usman (Dec.14.2020), "There is no faction of the PDP in any ward, local government or state level of PDP in Kaduna state. Anyone dreaming such better takes it to the APC or elsewhere. The days of NPDP et all is over. No two kings reign in a palace...."

The above idea and many other similar ideas rather unfortunate and not what any true member of the party would want to hear. Such statements are designed to undermine the opinions of other party men and women, which is not good for an opposition side seeking to get elected into government. Such statements that assumes that there is no faction in Kaduna state PDP is such that won't be taken seriously even from a non member of the party, or better still could the statement be a lash on all those who have been unjustly displaced by the sin of imposition/impunity in primary elections in the build up to the 2019 elections and subsequently the congresses by the current executive? -and to cap it all, here is one of several persons driving the narrative to make the people believe that 'this is only a kingdom ruled by a king whereas only one king reigns in the palace' -In fact, this is one that clearly proves and affirms that the affairs of the party is run by a dictatorial regime characterised with the unholy trinity of imposition, impunity and injustice.

But i bring forth good news, joint with my humble new year message to party leaders and members of the PDP in Kaduna irrespective of factional differences; "Seek the face of justice, unity and progress -shunning detractors from within, ONLY THEN SHALL YE INHERIT VICTORY COME 2023.

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