Thursday, December 17, 2020

OPINION: Hon. Ekene Adams, the Exodus Mobilizer, By Erastus Sarki

Good leadership requires a combination of charisma, integrity, kind hearted and a projected vision with a strong supporting mission, which are some of the qualities out of many that the people have depict from Hon. Ekene Adams. 
Permit me to brief you for the record on the recent exodus decamping of the people from PDP to APC in nasarawa ward and other places, under chikun local government area of kaduna state and more are still on the decamping process. The people have seen and verify the potency of  HON. Ekene Adams for his love and support for humanity and without hesitation bestowed their trust and support for his movement. They have faith that he will deliver the masses from the bitter swill of deficient representative. The people have come in terms with the fact that the good decision they make today determine the wellbeing of the future.  
Chikun/kajuru, time is fast approaching, let us not be blind folded by selfish politicians whose public office they convert to family enterprise, whose peoples welfare they stake for personal interest. Our right candidate that will illuminate our constituency from the dark chapter of this present administration is no other than Hon. Ekene Adams. 
Let's not allow party syndrome that have been eating us up for long to continue.  A.P.C is the winning platform through which the status quo shall change for good. 
Chikun/kajuru.  constituency, Hon. Ekene Adams under APC is the key. The youngest with a large heart, is slowly coming.

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