Tuesday, December 15, 2020

OPINION: HON. Ayuba Chawazah: The Silent Achiever, By Maxwell Joel Gyas

Hon. Ayuba Chawazah is one Lawmaker that has distinguish himself as a true Leader and has shown that he is a product made from the grassroot, chosen by the People, to stand for the people. That is why his projects and works is always gearing towards serving his people and furthering the mission of achieving sustainable Progress across his Constituency.
Bless with wits and wisdom, a humble personality, calm and Unassuming, most times, his down to earth and gentle personality makes it hard to spot him while  in a any social gathering or events.
Hon. Ayuba Chawazah is one silent achiever whose achievements is laudable but not given due recognition on social media and other media platforms. Looking at what he has been able to achieve from when he became a Legislature till now, even the doubting Thomases will agree that, his achievements are UNPRECEDENTED and  record breaking (Compare to those Lawmakers that came before him).
Just about 5 months into office, Hon. Chawazah Dole out scholarships to more than 200 students ranging from Bursary of #50,000 each to students of higher education of learning to buying of Jamb forms for secondary school students, intending to write Jamb including WAEC Registration for final year students in secondary school across the 12 wards of his Constituency, Chikun.
Hon. Ayuba Chawazah, continued with the giant strides, when he organized free medical outreach for his Constituency, a gesture that provided members of his Constituency with free medical care and treatment, distribution of drugs, free of charge and some minor operations, conducted to some beneficiaries.
As a state Lawmaker who puts his Constituency first and as someone who believes in Human development, Hon. Chawazah, has facilitated in securing admissions for Youths. To crown it all, he played a pivotal role in helping Youths across the  Constituency secure jobs with the state government. This was done within a short period of time (less than 2years in office). Yet, not much encomium and publicity was given to such record breaking performance by such a perfect and complete Gentleman.
Posterity will surely look back and smile on this Silent Achiever and History will be kind to him but before that time comes, I will like to blow his 'VUVUZELA' and spread the good news to as many who care to listen and want to know what Hon. Ayuba Chawazah has done and is still doing. Keep up the good work Sir.

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