Monday, December 28, 2020

OPINION: Dear Southern Kaduna people, Isa Ashiru wished you merry Christmas, you were busy looking for faults that's why you didn't notice, By Magaji Emmanuel

Despite releasing a press statement to dissociate himself from the artwork that was posted by members of the Ashiru Transformation movement, wishing the residents of Kaduna happy holidays, southern Kaduna residents have continued to drag honourable Isa Ashiru Kudan, for wishing them happy holidays instead of happy Christmas, which is not fair. 

Due to the outrage, i decided to make a research in order to see if what he said was true or false. My investigation showed that the artwork was not posted on Honourable Isa Ashiru's official Facebook page, neither was it posted on his official Twitter account. It further revealed that on the 24th of December,  honourable Isa Ashiru posted a Christmas message on his official Facebook and Twitter accounts, wishing Kaduna State's christians merry Christmas. Thesame official message he recorded as voice note and forwarded to media houses. 
So i think it's time we put this matter to rest. Afterall, the group that made the mistake took responsibility of it. 
But this should serve as a lesson to Politicians, who allows their fans to open numerous social media accounts in their names. It could be disastrous if not managed properly. The people would always look for an excuse to lambast a leader, more reason you shouldn't give them one. 

Thesame people who turned blind eyes and deaf ears when Hon. Isa Ashiru donated cash to southern Kaduna IDPs, were the ones condemning him for an artwork he knew nothing about. But it's normal. Nowadays people plays politics with everything. Afterall, there is no such thing as bad Publicity. If there was, Gov. ElRufai wouldn't have won in 2019. The scandal has immensely helped in boosting the popularity of Hon. Isa Ashiru Kudan, which in my opinion has been low.

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