Thursday, November 5, 2020

They said i staged my abduction in order to get money from the Government - Hon. Bege Katuka

The immediate past sole adminstrator of Kaura Local Government, Honourable Bege Katuka during his farewell speech said some unscrupulous elements alleged that he stage managed his abduction in order to get money from Kaduna State Government. He made the statement while thanking the people of Kaura Local Government for supporting his administration. 
He also thanked the Gov. Of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-rufai for giving him the opportunity to contribute his quota towards the growth of Kaura local Government, and the state at Large. 

Full text Of The Speech:
It is with great pleasure that I stand before you today.The representatives of the royal fathers of our three Chiefdoms of Gworok, Moro'a and Takad, all the District Heads and other members of traditional council, Leadership of CAN and JNI and other Clergy that represent different religious bodies present  here, the leadership of the Youth Council,the leadership of the People Living  with Disabilities, my colleagues that I have worked with, the Secretary of the Council, the two supervisors here present, NULGE leadership, NCWS, management staff and well-wishers from far and near, Iam greatly delighted to have you here this day.
Thank you for your patience to wait all this long in eargerness to see your lost but found Chairman. I am here for two things, first is appreciation. News got to me how you demonstrated uncommon show of love when the news of my abduction got to you. I was told on how all the churches, mosque and families petitioned my case before God Almighty day and night. 
Fasted and prayed all day long for God to intervene and fastened my release. I was told on how the Royal fathers went on their knees on my behalf. The poor and the well to do, women and youths group, PLWD and widows. I was informed on how you sacrificed your time to prayers on my behalf. The LG staff dedicated particular  days to pray for my case. Casual staff of whom I was informed of an older woman who keeps our quarters clean that in her words said " pls take my allowance as contribution so our beloved Chairman can be released." This is the highest demonstration of love  one can ever recieve. There is no better word to use in thanking you  but to say only God would reward your sacrifice. I am most grateful and God bless you abundantly. 
In conclusion on this part, funny and fabricated stories circulated round by conspirators and their allies of which the funniest and pettiest amongst them is the one that is said that I framed and staged the whole kidnapping incident in order to get money from the treasure of the Govt. This is pitiful of them  and woe unto their poverty stricken mindset. They are so poor in their conscience, soul and body that all they could think of riches is the paper money. This is how poor they are that they think one could get his friend (okada man) killed and spent close to three weeks in the rain, sunshine and other forms of harsh weather in another world of evil that is the valley of the shadow of death. I pray that these set of dwarf minded people who have this evil thought have such encounter so we can tell same story of their framing it if they don't repent. 
I have served as a Chairman of LG for over four(4) years and millions of naira have been under my custody and no single allegation of financial misappropriation was laid against me, only for me to expose myself to this cruel danger in the name of money! Shame unto these carriers of this tragicomic fabricated news.
For me, it is an experience that I'll never wish for even the worst of my enemy. May God bring an end to this evil and protect us all from it.

For the second purpose, I want to use this medium to express my profound gratitude to you the good people of Kaura for the great support you've given me in the past two and a half years of the stewardship of my administration.  You were awesome during these period. The religious leaders, the traditional council, the women and youths groups i am most grateful. You created an atmosphere that was conducive for me and members of my council to operate comfortably.  It was the support and the confidence you reposed on me that kept us thus far.
I told my council members, that they leave the stage a happy people because all through our stewardship we've dedicated our strength and energy in the service of the people and their land to the best of our ability and without any reservation. I urge them to go and sleep well because our conscience is free and God who sees in secret would reward us in secret as it doesn't matter what people say. I thank you most sincerely for the family bond that existed amongst us. I am most grateful for the support you gave me.
For everything there is season and time. Two and a half years ago we came here and today this journey ended. 

I want to sincerely appreciate my Boss, the Executive Governor of Kaduna state, Mal. Nasir El-rufa'I for giving us this special privilege to serve in this capacity and we thank him for deeming it fit for this day to be the end of our stewardship.  My commitment and dedication in the contribution of my little quota in the betterment of his administration remains unchangeable  and so I urge you too to give your maximum support.
Today i am the most happiest person for witnessing this day alive. As many whom we never agree in principle politically and fake people around never thought of me coming back from my abductors camp alive are in shock today that i am here celebrating my end of stewardship. In the beginning i prayed that as I walked into Kaura LG with my two legs so in the end would I walk out it on both legs healthy and hearty and today is an answered prayers. 
All the meetings they had in my absentia in regards this seat of the chairman was a normal political event and it wasn't an issue because that is all that matters to them and I wish them well but for me all that matters is my life and it goes on. I have defeated their plans of wishing me to come out in coffin to the fullness of life.
All through my stay in this LG, I worked sincerely according to the dictate of my conscience and Iam fully satisfied. I never submitted myself to any who assume himself a mini god for whatever favor. I was only submissive first to God Almighty, my conscience and my Boss, HE, Mal. Nasir El-rufa'i and on that note i am fully accountable to whatever good, the bad and the ugly that transpired during its lifespan and at all times would avail myself for any grey area that needs clarity.
Today, I feel a great burden have been lifted off my head. Atleast I'll sleep again like a small baby without any iota of thinking what is happening in the LG especially security wise as today this task I have been reliefed of. 
The support I enjoy from you across board, i implore you to double it for the incoming administration so that they can achieve more greater things we've achieved in our little way.
It is our prayers that God almighty would see them through even as they steer the affairs of the LG in their own way. May God almighty be with them. For the youths constituency, the LG election is by the corner,  brace up and prepare yourself to elect accountable leadership that would owe you effective accountability and prudence in the management of your LG resourced and we must conduct ourselves in a civil manner when the polls are before us so we can have a successful transition and it is only when you agree that we can have this achieved.  Thank you for been my pillar at the grassroot even when i had so many shortcomings. Remain blessed.
It is with great pleasure that I bade thee farewell and hope to see you again sometimes. God bless.

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