Monday, November 16, 2020


Dear Governor Elrufai,

I read with so much shock and surprise your tweet this morning on 'fake news and hypocrisy of free speech' quoting former American President Barak Obama.

Sir, your tweet came few hours after Sabon Birni community in Igabi Local Government area of Kaduna state was attacked by bandits and 11 people killed as reported by Channels TV your favorite TV station. Those villagers didn't need to die yet they died because you failed to protect them.

Your tweet also came hours after armed bandits laid siege along Abuja-Kaduna express way killing 15 according to Daily trust a pro Northern government newspaper and many including student from ABU your alma mater were abducted by the bandits with their location still unknown. Those travellers didn't need to suffer this violence but they did because you failed to protect them.

Sir, just this morning Mazaki community in Gora Ward Zangon Kataf Local Government area of Kaduna state came under attack and the district head and his son were butchered while his wife survived though severely injured.

With all due respect Sir, you have not uttered a word or made any tweet consoling families that were affected in these violence unleashed by the bandits and terrorists even though you swore an oath to protect the lives and properties of the citizens of Kaduna state, a promise you have failed woefully to keep since 2015 at least going by the statistics of death, kidnappings and destructions under your stewardship.

It is very disturbing that at a time when your citizens are under siege laid by bandits and terrorists you would rather worry yourself with Obama's quote than console them and give them the security you took oath to provide.

Sir, security in Kaduna needs to improve with immediate effect because the people are tired of paying ransoms from monies they don't even have and burying their death daily.

Please Sir, if you cannot guarantee the citizens safety of their lives and properties then honorably resign as that is what honorable leaders do during adversities they cannot manage. Am sure the Obama you quoted would have long resigned if he was the Governor of a Kaduna where people get killed and kidnapped on a daily basis.

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