Monday, November 23, 2020

OPINION: The Kings of the valley of Southern Kaduna, By Bodam Vincent

I'm really at a loss as to start a discussion I find rather frustrating. How can a few people arrogate upon themselves a majestic authority over others in southern Kaduna? They want to dictate the thought processes of others or assign to themselves a responsibility even  beyond their overbloated importance. 

Let's look at the zone we consider Southern Kaduna and its achievements as an entity from Chikun to Sanga. Besides Chikun, no other LG in the zone can boast of any economic impact. Politically also, we are second fiddle, we can only boast of individual achievements in our little leagues. Southern Kaduna has become basically a humongous cemetery  where the only 'economic' activity is the numerous burials we see every weekend, in my father's compound in kagoro, I can count almost 11 graves! I was born in Kaduna (ungwan sanusi precisely, and baptized at the St Augustine catholic church), I have never spent more than 3 days in kagoro at a point  but I have studied the town and how it has degenerated. Ditto to many towns and villages in SK. Most youths who have obtained as little as a diploma will find their way out of the area unless you want to stay back and teach in some low paying school. This is a thing of worry for any well meaning SK person. But to my chagrin, a set of people had rather we remain the most backward zone in the state because they are the 'kings' of the valley of SK. For the life of me, who loves poverty and penury if he is not cursed? 

Recently, we were inundated with some hubris posts with cascading consequences that took me by surprise. I wrote a post eulogizing one of our own whom for the first time, I saw a serious SK person working hard to empower many of  our youths and women in great numbers and I thought the least I can do is show some ullalation. Little did I know I was going to hurt the feelings of the kings of the valley of SK. Without any discernible considerations, I saw a post I wrote in 2016 about my disdain for a grazing reserve because it wasnt going to empower our people, the resistance worked and no grazing reserve was established and four years later the same person i attacked comes up with a good project that will benefit thousands of youths and women, and i saw it as the first real empowerment in Sk,  should I kick against it because the same person brought the grazing reserve idea 4 years ago that never materialized? If my child does wrong and I knock his head, when he does right, will I still knock his head or give him a hug? But the kings of the valley of SK do not think he deserves a hug, they determine when and who should get a hug in SK. 

I even heard that I was paid 300k (sic) to do a PR job. I dont own a PR company and I do not know how it operates. Vincent Bodam will not get paid for any PR job. I will determine who deserves my accolades, just like you would in your capacity. Even if u give me a million naira, you wont get a mention if I feel u dont deserve any encomiums besides gratitude. 

With our knowledge and education, if we dont know who our common enemy is, then we do not deserve to live. We must be able to decipher who wants to destroy us and who wants to construct us. Some Sk kings will brag that they sacked investors in SK, they will prefer our people to keep being hewers of wood and subsistence farmers for centuries when the world has moved on. No city was built without outside involvement. Some serious people in fact free out their lands for investments to flourish knowing full well they can strike some bargains that will benefit their communities later. This is the way to build communities. Those investments would have created wealth and community development even through collective bargaining, but we lost it due to the 'kings' of the valley of SK! There is nothing to be proud about here, Shame should be the verb as a matter of course! 

We will start resisting these rubber kings if they will not support investors in our land. We shall resist any form of extended vendetta that has no bearing. Fight your personal wars but do not block the progress and development of our subdued SK. We have seen enough penury, and we must look inwards to help ourselves and our communities and I'm ready to work even with Shekau if he is ready to turn things around for our communities. Our onerous task is leave behind a legacy of progress and not personal beef that makes no sense even to a fool! So help us God!

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