Monday, November 2, 2020

Hon. Bege Katuka meets deceased bikeman's family, promises to sponsor his Children's education

The caretaker Chairman of Kaura Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Hon. Humble Bege Katuka, has paid a visit to the family of Mal. Abdullahi Alhassan, the motorcycle rider who was shot by kidnappers while abducting the council chairman. Recall that the caretaker Chairman was abducted on his way back from his farm located in Juji village, under Chikun local Government Area, while the motorcycle rider who took him to the farm was instantly killed.
In a lengthy Facebook post, the council chairman promised to take care of Abdullahi's family, whom he said was like a younger brother to him.

"Today my family met with the family of Abdullahi Alhassan who was the bike man that rode me on th 28th of September, the day of my abduction and the unfortunate day that brought forth his untimely death as a result of gunshots from the Kidnappers.
His surviving  father and mother, two wives and six Children, Two of his brothers and niece with an Uncle were all present as my family extent their condolence.
We discussed the dreams and aspiration of Mal. Abdullahi that he shared with us while he was alive. Numerous amongst them was his wish to be able to roof his parents thatched house with Zinc, and his determination to ensure that two of his daughters that have shown great commitment in the pursuit of education he sustain and maintain their sponsor in the private school he enrolled them.
It is with great pleasure that I assured his parents that with the help of God, before the close of this year I'll get the roof of their home replaced with Zinc and carry out needed repairs. For his daughters and other Children, I have enlisted them alongside other Orphans on my sponsor list of Education for so long I live and God be my helper. For his wives, I asked of them to present in few days what trade they would be passionate about so I can support them for a take-off as soon as possible. And for his two younger brothers same applies to them.
For the parents, I asked of them to at the instance of any of their need, they should feel free as a father or mother would do to a child whenever in need to call on me and with the help God it'll be with great joy supporting them given the little I have. I urged them that on no basis should the difference of religion keep them away from us as we feel a part of them because when Abdullahi was alive he was like a younger brother to me and was there for me at all times I needed his service and the only we I can honor him even in death is to keep this relationship so long we are alive and as I see you I see him.
Abdullahi a hardworking youngman who was an Okada man and doubles as a farmer, the farm he showed me were he cultivated maize closed to my farm was the last discussion we had before meeting our badluck of the day on our way back. Happy his family cultivated the maize and it was abundantly harvested as his last offer to his family to keep them out of hunger. May his soul rest in peace," he posted.

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