Monday, October 19, 2020

Soba Council Chairman has been withholding our salaries since November 2019, Teachers Cry out

The Council Chairman of Soba Local Government, Alhaji Muhammad Mahmud Aliyu, has allegedly refused to pay some of the teachers in his local Government their salaries and allowances. A letter sent to the Federal Commissioner, Public Complaints Commission, Kaduna, asking him to intervene, was made available to Kaduna Political Affairs by one of the complainants.
In an exclusive interview with Kaduna Political Affairs, after the complainant forwarded a lengthy write up of accusations, she said, "I am part of those who wrote this, i am also part of the affected staff, we are about 72 or more in number.
We explored all possible means but our issue is still pending, we wish to create more awareness untill it reaches the right individuals for appropriate action."
"Recently, we reported the issue to the Hon. Federal Commissioner Public Complaints Commission, Yakubu Gowon Way."
"We have also copied the same to the Human Rights Commission."
"We have written to the Auditor General, Kaduna State."
"The issue was recently discussed in a Hausa Program 'Barka da warhaka" at liberty fm 92.9, presented by Abubakar Jiddah Usman."
"Our complaints have severally been altered in an attempt to give a clear picture of what is happening to the Governor of Kaduna State." Please help us and give the write up a widest circulation."

Full details of the write up: 

1. The former immediate Sacked Deputy National ALGON Chairman, also the Council Chairman Soba LGA, Muhammad Mahmud Aliyu continues to withhold Teachers' Salaries unjustly and of course without following the right procedures and protocols of civil service. 

2. No wonder the Council Chairman was recently sacked/dismissed from the position of the ALGON Deputy National Chairman for menace and misconduct against the constitutional provisions of the All Local Governments Association of Nigeria.

3. We see also the reason why under his leadership as the Kaduna State ALGON Chairman  was the first to propose to the State Government in the second quarter of 2020 the reversal of the Teachers' minimum wage to N18,000 against the N30,000 on the notion that; the teachers were parasites during the COVID-19, this shows not only the Soba Council Chairman dismay to the teaching profession but also the hatred he habours to teachers themselves. 

4. Available evidences indicate that since the Local Governments were given autonomy in the last quarter of the 2019, the Soba Council Chairman connived with the Education Secretary Soba, Abdullahi Aliyu, SSSO School Improvement Ahmad Saleh, Suraj Abdu Gimba (Who is regarded influencial for being hail from the same home town with the Council Chairman) an Admin Officer along others to pave him away to discredit some teaching staff of the Soba LGEA that would later be referred as absconded staff since November, 2019, since then, the Council Chairman was not only succeeded in effecting this mischievous plan but also withheld salaries of the affected staff.

5. Our preliminary investigation shows that the motives behind such scandalous ungodly act was either to re-absorb the disengaged Soba indigenous teachers/political allies or to divert money from the Local Government treasury for personal aggrandizement at the expense of the poor Innocent competent teachers, which ever may be, the case can be regarded as a serious misconduct and abuse of office from the inception by the Soba Council Chairman, this is ofcourse obvious.

6. Sequence by the directives of His Excellency the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasiru Ahmad Elrufa'i, staff verification was conducted Nov/Dec. 2019 by the office of the Auditor General Kaduna State across all the 23 LGAs, Soba included, in which all the tagged Absconded staff were captured present at their respective service stations.

7. Thus; the Soba Council Chairman and his conspirators were not happy with the outcome of the State Audit which proved their assertion wrong and questioned their sincerity and integrity, consequently he conceived an idea which gave birth to the Local Government Verification ( Conducted in February, 2020) in which he and the officials involved were abled to fashion out their brand of the verification exercise at local level which contradicted and nullified the earlier one conducted at the State Level, we thought the State should supercede the Local Government?

8. Even with that some of the affected staff tagged 'absconded' and earlier cleared by the State Verification managed to scale through the so called Local Government Verification (conducted only in Soba LGA, which was suspicious), while others revictimized. 
9. Due to the Intervention of relevant stake holders including the NUT at both Local and State Level the Soba Council Chairman was compelled to release the salaries of the verified staff available in his report which led to the payment of March, April, May and June, 2020, it is important to note that some were only paid May, 2019, with promise that they would be paid arrears.

10. The Council Chairman Soba LGA was still aggrieved as most of the tagged 'absconded teachers' were reinstated to the payroll, amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic on 17th June, 2020 he ordered the ES Soba LGA in person of Abdullahi Aliyu to liase with his Personal Consultant Mr. Tukur Babangida to reinvite the previous victimized but cleared staff to another fresh ill intended verification which would later led to the removal of their names again from the payroll as of July 2020, which was backed with the issue of BVN which would later discovered also a deceit following sending the BVN & NIN numbers with salaries still unpaid.

11. In September 2020, some of the affected teachers ranging from 28-32 were invited by the ES Soba LGA Aliyu Abdullahi through the SSSO School Improvement Ahmad Saleh, through the HOD PRS on the order of the Council Chairman Muhammad Mahmud Aliyu, where the said invited affected staff were compelled to forfeit their arrears in an illegal baseless written agreement as a condition to be reinstated to payroll which they did which enabled them to be paid September, 2020.

12. The evidences are available intact with the affected staff that; 

(a) They explored all avenues to get this issue resolved at the LGEA but proved abortive.

(b) The NUT officials Soba Wing, Kaduna State Chapter and SUBEB are aware of this development right from the inception, and they affirmed to the lack of credibility of the Soba Council Chairman's version of verification, further more they attested to his insincerity, back and forth,  to get this issue resolved once and for all, their intervention proved vain as they can't force him as they claim.

(c) The bedeviling situation was reported in written to the various stake holders including Ministry of Education and Ministry of Local Governments affairs etc.

(d) The Executive Council Chairman Soba LGA, Muhammad Mahmoud Aliyu didn't follow the right procedures for the stoppage of the affected staff's salaries, because his intention was to send them out of the job to save money not to discipline them if found guilty.

(e) Some officers at both LGEA and SUBEB are conniving with the Council Chairman to pacify the affected teachers with empty promises.

(f) The Council Chairman is the Mastermind and has his hands on the salary saga with passion to extort money and amaze ill wealth at the expense if his workers!

Conclusion: it is already a year now since the inception of the taggged absconded staff saga, the affected teachers have no one to turn to between the NUT and the SUBEB and the Council Chairman is unjustly sleeping on the huge ill-gotten money meant to the LG's staff, we call on the Kaduna State Government to investigate, nothing remains hidden forever.

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