Saturday, October 10, 2020

OPINION: Yahoo boys have killed more girls than SARS has killed boys on dreadlocks, By Marvelous Eteng

90% of young boys in Lagos and Benin are into Yahoo! Infact you’ll be considered a JJC if you don’t do the scam.
Alot of this boys have no value for human lives, if they don’t kill you, they’ll rip you off and smile about it.
Alot of people from the North never been to this parts of the country but thousands of young girls have lost their lives over yahoo, not to mention families who have also lost their savings to this kids.
Nobody deserves to be shot and killed over their phone or appearance and no girl deserves to be killed by yahoo boys over prostitution.
Yahoo boys have killed more girls than SARS has killed boys on dreadlocks.
SARS will not END because 90% of these protesters are fraudsters and cyber criminals and the government knows. #EndYahoo should also be a movement.
SARS will not end, the best deal we can get is a different name with thesame trigger happy cops. 
What we need is a REFORM of the entire police force. Our officers needs to be enlightened and educated on smart and investigative police work not this stop and shoot charade.
If we have a reform, we will not be singing end sars rather we will fish out the bad eggs and flush them out. Like it or not ,not all sars operatives are trigger happy, some of them are saving lives on a daily.

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