Thursday, October 29, 2020

OPINION: Since the palliatives were meant for the poor and the vulnerable, i urge that government should let them go, because the people that looted them are also poor and vulnerable - Eddy Hyacinth

The Kaduna State government has started to cordon and search households suspected to be holding looted palliatives, food items and other items. If caught, would be treated like common criminal. As i am texting this, someone that i know has been caught with the food stuff and other items, handcuffed like a common criminal.  Government has the responsibility to create enabling environment for businesses to thrive, provide infrastructure, and employment for teeming youths. Unfortunately, there is death of textiles industries in kaduna, people are living from hand to mouth. A drowning man when given a sharp knife will grab it because that is the only available thing within his grabs. Government has pushed the people to the wall and the only way out for them to survive was to resort to looting palliative items. In as much as i hate vices, i call on government to thread with caution  especially on the matters of retrieving palliative, it might be counter productive. Since the palliative is meant for the vulnerable and the poor households, i urge that government should let it go, because the people that looted them are Nigerians, poor and vulnerable. As for the looting of private and individual businesses, it is not right, it is unacceptable, that is pure stealing. I urge the looters to make restitution and return those items to their owners.

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