Saturday, October 31, 2020

OPINION: Kaduna State Government, prioritizes Indomie & rice over human lives - Steven Kefas

It is no longer news that Nigeria as a nation has been battling with numerous socioeconomic and security challenges in the last one decade, it is also important to note that these challenges took a dangerous dimension in the last six years of the APC government at both the federal and states levels.

Kaduna in the last six years has risen to become the centre of insecurity in Nigeria only rivaled by Borno state the epicenter of Boko Haram terrorists activities. The last six years has seen Kaduna ravaged by kidnappings, village raids, banditry, extrajudicial killings and other sundry security failures.

The current Nasiru Elrufai led administration has been faced with numerous criticisms home and abroad over what many believed to be poor handling of these security challenges. These criticisms are not unconnected with the state governor's Inflammatory cum irresponsible utterances in the media.

Kaduna state is unarguably the state with the highest number security outfits in Nigeria yet remains the headquarter of kidnappings, banditry etc. Not even serving and retired military men and officers are spared from the security failure. Just recently a serving military gynaecologist with the 44 Army Reference Hospital Kaduna Colonel SB Onifade was abducted by bandits and just last week it was reported by Daily Nigeria, War Desk News and others that the Colonel has been killed by his abductors after a 10m naira ransom was paid.

In August 2020, three school girls, a boy and their teacher were abducted by bandits in Prince Academy Damba-Kasaya community Chikun local government area of the state and till date there whereabout remains unknown. These are just a few of many incidents of of kidnappings and killings across the state.

In all of these challenges, the state government has never been firm and sincere in dealing with the challenges instead in 2016 the governor confessed to paying terrorists herdsmen carrying out acts of genocide in Southern Kaduna compensation to stop killings, an act that only intensified the killings. Some critics are of the opinion that the herdsmen used the funds given to them by the governor to acquire more arms which informed why they now now carry out more successful raids on communities in Southern Kaduna.

Ironically, the same state government that has consistently excused acts of massacre perpetrated by herdsmen is today deploying security forces to search houses of citizens for 'looted' COVID-19 palliatives, this invariably shows what the government's priorities are. 

This search and arrests are obviously illegal because there are no records of any court issuing warrants for such operations. 

Residents of Kaduna have testified to how security helicopters have been deployed to fly over their neighborhoods causing panics among residents. All these are done to identify, arrest and  prosecute so called palliatives 'looters'.

As far as the Kaduna state government is concerned palliatives made up of Indomie, spaghetti and rice are more important than the lives of the Citizens that are being kidnapped, raped, maimed and slaughtered by terrorists and criminal elements in the state. This informed why they could deploy security forces to go after citizens they believed to have 'looted' palliatives instead of going after bandits and terrorists elements who have resumed hostilities in Kajuru after weeks of holidays.

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