Sunday, October 4, 2020

OPINION: It is so shocking that Dr. Bege Katuka, Caretaker Chairman, Kaura Local Government Council, has been kidnapped for almost a week without any statement from the Kaduna State government, the Kaduna State All Progressives Congress, By Danjuma Sarki

It is so shocking that it is about a week today since Dr. Bege Katuka Humble, the Caretaker Chairman, Kaura Local Government Council was kidnapped, up to now there is no any statement from the Kaduna State government, the Kaduna State All Progressives Congress (APC) or the Kaduna State Police Command on the matter. 
Katuka is a known die-hard and loyalist of El-Rufai and his administration against all odds. Apart from being a Caretaker Chairman of Jema'a Local Government Council in the past, he was a former Publicity Secretary of the APC in Kaduna State and Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Special Projects. 
He is apparently a strong supporter and defender of the government, governor and the party he belongs to, he has put forth his neck high up in their defence in numerous occasions, no matter whose ox is gored.
Wherever he is now, he might be going through untold hardship and pains. Likewise,  his wife, children, relatives and friends are going through severe trauma and tribulation. They are having sleepless nights and restless days because of the uncertainty of his whereabout and condition. It is indeed a challenging moment for them. I pray that God should rescue and return him back safely. 
I can't believe that the government can be so quiet about this, carrying on as if nothing has happened, despite happening to someone that is a Chief Security Officer of a unit of a tier of government in the state, who is serving the El-Rufai/APC government diligently and sacrificially.  
Obviously, I feel there is an attempt to conceal it, like other hundreds of cases of kidnap and killings that the government is known to make frantic effort to hide.
If it were one of the governor's children, wives or cabal members that was whisked away by the men of the underworld, would we be experiencing this deafening silence pervading the state? Or are they waiting for the worst to happen (God forbid), before they would come out with their usual flowery message of sympathy reverberating and echoing round the state as if they care about him or he is of any importance to them. This is not responsible governance. 
Let's keep politics or partisanship aside, this silence is insensitive, condemnable, ungodly, reprehensible, nauseating, appalling, horrifying and a crass betrayal of trust. It is culpable and one of the reasons insecurity is festering in Kaduna State. 
For whatever reason, Humble does not deserve to be treated this way by people who he has been serving loyally, assiduously.
I urge the government, party and the police to speak up and take necessary steps to free him from the claws of his abductors and return him back to his family in one piece. 
The case of Abu Hanifa Dadiyata, who was abducted over a year ago and is nowhere to be found, is still fresh in our minds.

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