Tuesday, October 6, 2020

OPINION: Gov El-rufai and the appointment of thr 19th Emir of Zazzau, By Mijinyawa Bashir

Gov. Nasir El-Rufai need to comprehend and understand that with regard to his constitutionally guaranteed role in appointing the next Emir of Zazzau time and patience of the Zazzau emirate is gradually running out. While decision time could be very difficult times,Gov. El-rufai need to be swift, strategic and appoint the next Emir of Zazzau to bring the issue that is tending towards controversy to a logical conclusion. 
I don't have any doubt that Gov. El rufai by his nature  is fully  aware of  the protracted suspense, palpable tension and the rumour mill that keep building  up each passing day due to the unnecessary delay in the appointment of the Emir.What he probably is not aware of is the extent to which the delay and the suspense is negatively impacting on the psyche of an average person of  Zazzau emirate and how his action or inaction can impact on  the overall security of the Zazzau emirate moving forward. 
I have been a keen observer of discussion and turn of events on this platform for more than 2 years and for the first time I'm observing staunch supporters of the Governor going against his continued decision to delay the appointment of Emir of Zazzau.The writings on the wall are therefore very clear that the direction Gov El rufai is taken with regards to appointment of the Emir of Zazzau is very unpopular even  among even  his very loyal supporters.It calls for a deep reflection  and an urgent need to change the course of action when very loyal supporters of a leader are vehemently opposing his decision or line of action.
Another issue that should equally be a source of concern for the Governor is the repeated discussion on several forays on  the  possibility of  potential legal tussle considering the manner he is handling the appointment of the Emir. It is  the wish of every Nigerian and indeed the people of Zazzau emirate that the appointment is done swiftly in an amicable manner with strict adherence to the established laws to prevent the possibility of protracted litigation. 
Gov. El rufai should understand that before him at the moment is  one of the most important decision with which history will judge him not only while he is alive but many years after he is gone.He has a  choice to demonstrate leadership and jettison his interest or that of any group and do the right thing so that history will judge him fairly.The ball is squarely in his court. 
The right thing to do in the views of majority of zazzagawa is to adhere strictly with the established laws  and traditions on appointment of Emir  by working strictly with the recommendations of the kingmakers.
The  Gov need to understand that  the urgent need of  appointing the new Emir to bringing the issue to a close is critical in dousing  tension and bringing an end to the rumours that is building up as well as to keep his  large support base that are obviously dissatisfied with his handling of the issue.

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