Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Munnir Ja’afaru Congratulates Bamalli As New Emir Of Zazzau

Muhammad Munir Ja’afaru, Yariman Zazzau, was among princes of the Zazzau emirate selected by the kingmakers as a nominee for the throne of Zazzau.
He sent his greetings after Bamalli was announced as the new emir by Governor Nasir El-Rufai.
He said he learnt of Bamalli’s appointment with a “deep sense of gratitude” to God.
“We all must all accept the will of Allah SWT,and congratulate the new Emir, HH Ambassador Nuhu Bamalli on his appointment. “May Allah SWT guide, and direct his actions on the throne,and usher in peace and prosperity to our people.
“I, on behalf of my family, friends and well wishes wish to also express my immense and profound gratitude to you, and through you, all and sundry for the outpouring of support/solidarity and prayers.“We are extremely humbled.”

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